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Lost appetite

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Zulgaines, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. OK so I've been smoking weed for about half a year now... and my appetite is gone. It's just fucking gone. Unless I'm high... when I'm high I can eat like a boss.But when I'm not high? I'm just never hungry even with hunger pains I'm still not hungry, and when I try to eat the food doesn't taste the same. Clam chowder that I used to love tastes like its gone bad and everything else just kinda doesn't taste good.Anyone else ever deal with this?
  2. well as safe as weed is, its still a drug. it has different effects on different peoples brains. just take a little break and see what happens if your worried about it.
  3. It doesn't taste as good because you burned your taste buds off.
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    Are you serious?

    If you are, I bought a vape(It's in the mail) because I don't like the unhealthy smoke. Would vaping help reduce the damage to my taste buds?
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    This can be caused by a number of things excluding cannabis. These include:
    • Stress - Many may overeat when stressed, however some quit eating all together. Stress can be caused by an emotional or physical situation. The most common form causing a loss of appetite would be “heat stress”. This is likely because a person will crave fluids, ergo feeling full.
    • Hormonal Imbalance - I would suggest consulting a specialist, maybe they'll conduct a full blood panel run or a fasting/glucose test (other tests can be run as well). Since this has lasted more than a month for you, it would be logical to see a doctor sooner rather than later if you believe this could be the issue.
    • Diet - It is very possible that some of the foods you're ingesting may be the cause of your lack of appetite. For example, high protein foods stick with you for much longer than other forms. This is because it takes a long time for the body to process this substance.
    • Constipation - This is another, less probable cause of your loss of appetite. Make sure you get the minimum amount of suggested daily fiber and clear liquids (not soda, coffee, or juices but WATER). Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet would also help flush out your system. Even if this is not the cause of your appetite issues, this would be a good call for anyone.
    Don't be so gullible. Regardless, investing in a vaporizer is always a fantastic choice for any level user.
    And I doubt it...vape is still pretty hot too. Taste buds are pretty sensitive.
  7. Hey I've been smoking everyday for a while now so i decided to take a Tbreak. During this break i have absolutely no appetite. Do you guys know any ways to naturally increase your appetite?? "Just be a man and eat" is A LOT better said than done. I physically cannot eat it just doesn't work unless i'm high.
    I'm hoping i can find a solution to this, otherwise this is gonna be a lonnngg 2 weeks.
  8. easy lol. work out. 
    go swim, weight training, get that metabolism up (shorter tbreak..?)
  9. me too happened to me today i finally realised, i even felt sick in the car wtf aye
  10. You don't like clam chowder anymore? Now that's just wrong. Time to see the doctor
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    I'm sure most of us have had these hunger problems, I know I did when I quit for a couple months. Everything does go back to normal, but I'm sure it depends on the person and their habits. I would say the main thing is try to avoid eating and especially overeating when you are high. When I quit I had the worst time eating. The only way I was able to get my hunger back is I would eat as many small, healthy meals throughout the day as I could. This was things like fruit and veggies, or pretty much any light food. You really do have to force it, but as long as you get your metabolism going your hunger should come back soon enough.
  12. What’s happening is that thc interferes with your ability to produce GHRELIN which is made in your stomach which basically tells you that your hungry. THC replaces ghrelin so your ability to make ghrelin drops off as thc replacing what the Ghrelin should do. So let your body detox (at least one week) and your natural ghrelin will begin production again and you will enjoy your food again.
  13. Using a new procedure to dose lab rats with cannabis vapor, the researchers found how the drug triggers hunger hormones.
  14. When I first began ingesting cannabis, I lost about 32 pounds. It took a while to get it back. The munchies were no where in sight.

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