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Lost And Found Stashes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by _OneLove_, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. i was looking for something irritatingly this morning when i decided to look in that little crack between your bed and your wall. and i found a small container with just a nug in it that i thought i had lost forever ago. i was convinced it fell out of my purse when i was in a hurry at the store. 
    its lucky because i didnt find it any ol day, i found it the day im about to be dry :] so theres my successful lost and found story.
    On 4/20 of this year i lost an ENTIRE 8th of some really good kush on the street so to whoever found it, lucky you ;]
    Not to mention the couple sacks we found on the street in high school :p
    what are some of your lost and/or found stashes?

  2. I found a whole zip of some nasty ass brick weed in a parking lot when I was younger.  Shit was so nasty I didn't even bother taking it home.
    Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky as my friends finding shit on the ground.  Best find I had was a new Newport pack on the ground.
  3. I put some purple kush my friend brought me last summer in my dresser drawer...last summer. Found it a few weeks ago. Not as good as it was last year lol
  4. My friend followed people and saw them dropped something turns out to be weed so he hides it and gives it to me the next day lol.
  5. I lost a quarter of pruple haze and 4 gs of some indigo a while back. Its driving me crazy.

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  6. One time a friend of mine stashed about a g of weed in the mountains. I was so stoned, I forgot we stashed it. But my friend remembered. It stayed there a whole year, through rain and everything. It was in an air-tight film container. Anyway, we went back to the spot a year later and my friend reminded me about the stash....and found it!!! I was blown away to say the least.

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