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Lost and Found hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Electus Unus, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. a while ago back in february i was in my garage smokin some hash then went back inside and somewhere along the way my little bag of hash got lost. well every time ive gone from my house to the garage ive looked in the grass and everywhere around there all the time. well my looking finally paid off as my hash came back to me. bubble hash in the bag in perfect condition. anyways camera batteries are dead so ill post pics later. but man am i happy must be some good karma or something.
    thanks for reading and check out my pickup thread for pictures in a few hours
  2. yep karma was on your side..good stuff would suck to lose sum hash..
  3. Best feeling in the world to find bud you misplaced earlier, especially if you're dry otherwise. Enjoy man!
  4. I had something similar happen once.

    It wasn't anything special like hash, but it was some pretty good super silver haze, 8th bag I had probably 2 grams left.

    I put it away, but for some reason I put it on the shelf above my computer, under some old computer / programming books.

    When I was moving 3 or 4 years later, I am cleaning off my shelf putting all the books into boxes, and bam, I find my bag of bud, and it was still smokable.

    One time I was at an arcade, back when I was in middle school, and I dropped a token on the ground and it rolled under the machine.

    I bent down and felt around for it with my hand, and I felt something, pulled it out, and out came a blunt in my hand.

    I got my 3 friends attentions and we went outside and smoke it, I did rip off the end however in look inside, because we normally rolled blunts with a .8 - 1 gram worth of bud, and this thing had a .3 in it at the most, I remember thinking this shit is way to skinny, it has to be laced with something.
  5. Where did it turn up? and I love having good karma! and one time i lost some hash, it was a small amout probably .3, but that's still hash and .3 would get you baked. It never turned up for me though.
  6. Hahahhaha no way!!!?
  7. This happened once to me when it was wicked snowey out and my friend and I picked up a quarter of Lemon Kush. We had to go down a small hill and somehow he dropped it there and we had to run around in the freezing cold and snow for an hour until we finally found it. It paid off since it weighed out to 12 grams though, :p.

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