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Lost all of my connections :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CheapBastard, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. A few months ago, I had 3 pretty solid people I could turn to for a good hook up.

    1.) The first one was a classmate of mine. He was the only person I knew who had LEGITIMATE chronic, and would give me the best deals imaginable. Like 10 dollars per gram of legitimate chronic. He would hook me up because I was his friend, and it was so easy to get from him.

    He moved away since he graduated this year, so I was stuck with my other two contacts.

    2.) I also knew a guy who was pretty decent, he sold high mids, but was extremely cool, and the bags were never light. He gave me a good amount, was available 24/7, and it was just really easy to buy from him.

    Somehow he ended up getting busted. Once he was free, I bought from him a few more times, but I think he's done for good now.

    3.) The last contact I had was the sketchiest. I posted about him before. I've been buying from this guy for a few months. I bought a dub from him my first time, and it was good, high mids, good amount. But each time since then, the size of each dub varied, he wouldn't bring his scale out to my car, and the quality varied as well. I stopped buying from him when I paid him 20 for a dub, and he gave me a dime of SCHWAG. He told me "oh man I gave you the wrong bag".

    I asked him if I came by and gave him 10 if he'd give me a legitimate dub, and he said sure. I came by, and he said "Sorry I dont do 10 bags". I said "What the fuck, you told me you'd give me a dub for 10 since you bullshitted me last time".

    So I left, and now I'm dealer-less. I'm out of school, and I literally know no one, what do I do :(
  2. I donno, meet people? Quit smoking? Ask around? Lol
  3. The best way to meet dealers (in my experience) is just asking around. Literally just walk up to people that you get good vibes from and ask. This is also the most dangerous way, though.
    Otherwise, try to go to parties. It can't hurt to ask around at a party.
  4. ask some people you know (not even necessarily friends) and ask them if they can hook u up with bud or their dealers
  5. Lol...
    damn I'm happy im not in your shoes atm
  6. Grow some LEGITIMATE Chronic.
  7. Parties and jobs at restaurants are good ways to find bud, restaurants being even better. From my past experiences there can be some big dealers working in these restaurants, and usually they were the ones that didn't work too much.
  8. Try your luck @ Saturday Markets great way to get out and meet some cool ppl
  9. call up old friends and ask around.
  10. someone gave me their dealers number, I sent this text:

    "Hey, is this Carmen? I'm looking to buy some marijuana, perhaps an eighth? Are you in town right now, if not maybe we could meet up tomorrow to deal some drugs?"

    he did not respond, but it said the text was delivered
  11. find the dealer your friend went to

  12. lol please tell me you're kidding and that's not a real text you sent.
  13. ask around bruh.

    you should be able to find someone.

    goodluck tho bruh.
  14. u know how many ppl smoke weed just start asking!!

    100% ull find sumone
  15. Go to the library and ask around.

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