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Lost a pack of ciggs..?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SOuRSlATER420, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. So today I went to the store and got a pack of newports, then I went to my friends house to cop a dime. So I come home, roll up a blunt. and finish it. Then I get a cigg, and realize where it is, my mom could easily find it(She doesnt like me smoking ciggs..) So I put it somewhere where she couldnt find it. I just went for a bog, when I cant find my pack, then I remember I put it somewhere my mom couldnt find it. To bad I forgot where I put them.:confused: Anything similar happen to you GC ?
  2. i used to hide all my "goods"in different places in my room every day.

    i would get blazed or drunk and be looking around my room for a while.

    good times:cool:
  3. haha yeah you will get that "oh shit nice sac i just found" face in like 3 months lol.....hate it then love it haha
  4. Amen, that has happened so many times, but usually I dont remember that I lost it right after I lost it, I'd just forget. Now I know I stashed somewhere in my room, I just dont know where :confused:
  5. The same thing happens to me all the time with my weed and cigarettes when I used to smoke them.
    I end up hiding them from myself and nobody even looks for that stuff.
    Just keep those things in one place.
    Does your mom care if you smoke weed?
  6. I've lost lots of packs but it's mostly when I'm wasted.. I swear to god I lose a pack when ever I'm drunk, who knows where they end up.

    Enigma, if that's you in your sig you look alot less scary ;)
  7. Cool thread but actually I have never lost my stash at all. Ever.

    Or maybe u were talking about losing your cigs, I never smoked.

  8. Yes that's me.
    I wanted to show my love for AIC.
    I think I scared off all my myspace friends with that last one hahaha.

  9. i think im gonna do this on purpose just for the satisfaction lol a little sad
  10. I could see why.. :p
  11. always happen man! i threw a pack on my desk the other day, and it went missing. ;|
  12. Yesterday I found a small spoon of mine with a full bowl packed next to a sack with around 4g in it. It was behind the pot with this fern plant thing in the corner. I remember my spoon went missing but j have no memory of ever putting it there. I don't think I'd feel the need to hide it either as I no longer live with my parents.

    Oh well, musta been drunk.

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