Lost a LOT of money

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  1. Fuck my life. I cant believe this is happening to me. I've been working full time at the movie theatre, saving up for a down payment on a car for months. I finally had enough to cover all the expenses ($1800) and my girlfriend was going to give me a ride to the car dealership after she got off work. She works at a store in the mall and I live a few blocks away from the mall so I walked over there and waited around for her to get off work.

    Long story short, we get to Carr's Honda in Chicago, I reach in my pockets for the cash and its gone. I'm pretty sure what happened is I cut through some bushes by the mall and the branches snagged it somehow.
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    Oh man that sucks!!!!!! I feel for ya.
  3. really? this shit again...its like the 3rd damn "lost $1800" thread cuz of mitchy
  4. Lol definately jokes. The holes are there.
  5. i think this is bullshit u just saw the i found 1800 dolars thread and posted this
  6. Damn, I'm pissed that someone beat me to this
  7. hahaha second one ive seen
  8. haha the whole time i read that, i read it with the actual Peter Griffin voice in my head.LOL

  9. now this guys a thinker! future nobel prize winner for sure.
  10. wow people really must love mitchys thread.

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