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Lost a good hookup today

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MoneyBags420, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Decided id rather lose a decent connec who gets me crazy tree everytime i go to him than potentially get robed. hes a middle man and therefore i dont trust him. i backed out of buyin a zip through him cuz it just didnt feel right havin to drive him and all this shit and plus he was gonna overcharge to make money and take some for himself so i basically had to tell him to go fuck himself to stop anoying me. he was claiming i got him into shit with his dealer for backin out. so happy i did back out tho this kid is friends with the scummiest people and i just hearda story about his frends robbin a buncha kids.if thats his type of friends than u know he would do the same . ill just wait till i can buy straight from the source no need to risk getting burned when u can wait a day to get it from some1 u trust. Yaa diigggg grasscity
  2. Good on you, sir. Only trust those that you truly can. No skids please!

  3. Wait..... how in any way was this a good hookup then?

    Sounds more like you "lost a shitty hookup today"
  4. You shouldn't assume stuff about the middleman just because of the people he's around. But if they're around while your buying the zip, I would back out of that.
    Oh and the middleman telling you about getting into shit with his dealer seems like a ploy for sympathy.. and potentially a robbery. lol. But I dunno just stay away if you got a bad feeling about something :smoke:

  5. good as in he got really good weed
  6. Im proud of you OP this thread could have been "I gave this guy I don't know hella money and he stole it! Can you believe that?" +rep for actually being smart
  7. Yea the person I realy trust as my dealer is one of my best friends from HS he is the only person I get from and he always gives me hookups and has good weed but other than that I dont realy trust any one else with weight.
  8. Word go with your instinct if it feels / sounds sketchy back the fuck out , or meet where you feel safe after all your giving him YOUR money not the other way around
  9. God I can't wait for the day when buying pot is a simple process like buying pepsi from a machine. Why do dealers need to make it fucking weird, ):
  10. umm as long as he is making money and you are being honest with him, it wouldnt be in his best interest to rob you and lose you as a long term income source, not to mention commiting a felony and making an enemy.

    real life isnt a movie, random shit doesnt happen for no reason all the time
  11. You did the right thing man. You'll find another good connect. Trust me, it's better you don't risk it. He sounds like a shitty middleman. Middlemen can charge a fee or pinch your bag but you don't wanna deal with the ones that feel entitled to do both!

    I have a pretty stable connect now but before, I used to be pretty smart about it. When you find a new dealer buy a half e and throw it on the scale. If its less than 1.5 (.2 can be attributable to scale error) throw that bitches number away.

    You'll find a new one. Better to not smoke for a bit then get ripped off

  12. EXACTLY! Make 200 now or 3000 over a course of time...hmmm

  13. you guys dont understand. i just heard about this kid selling 20 bags of oregano. if hes willing to rip ppl off for that small amount of money how can i trust him with 300 dollars. yeah hes hooked me up a bunch of times and most likely woulda hooked it up again but why take the chance if i dont have to i have other hookups. this kid would not be thinking big picture like that hes just looking for fast cash

  14. So why spend 300 dollars worth then. If you've been happy with buying smaller quanitiies through him, and dont trust him with a large order, then why would you want to give him 300 bucks in the first place?

    You obviously know what type of person this guy is.
  15. u can think w/e u want i wasnt askin for advice i was givin advice. sometimes its better to be safe than sorry.

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