Lost $350.

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  1. Fucking went to get a zone from my guys cousin of some kush, smoked a bowl with him thought it was great, gave him the cash and he left to get get it. He told me it'd be an hour or two trip to get it, but he should have been back 6-7hr's ago.

    We can't get a hold of him because he has no cell phone, and isn't at his house, trust me I was just there. He is my dudes cousin, I've been going through my guy for 3 years now so there's a lot of between us, only reason I trusted his cousin.

    Honestly I'm just waiting for the green light, or the 24 hr grace period to pass before I assume I got robbed. He did have a warrant for his arrest, but we checked the jail.

    I feel so fucking stupid because I've fucking told myself I'd never front, I've told others not to do it, but now that I look back I broke the promise to myself to much for comfort. I literally contemplated carving "no fronts" into myself.

    I know once I'm sure I got robbed I'm going to here from all my friends how I'm so fucking stupid, I'm a bitch for getting robbed, for fronting my money, we'll I'm completely ready for it.

    @ my friends
    Man fuck off, for real, let's go get it back, we'll walk up in there and take it gangster. O what's that you won't go do it with me, we'll fuck you then, because last time any of you got robbed who was there ready to go take it back with you? Me, where the hell's your 250 jordan, o and nick where the 80 you got jacked twice by the same guy, sam fuck off you got 600 taken from you and didn't do shit. And fuck all of your no fronting shit, I can name 10 times each for you faggots each fronted more than $100 in the past 2 months, so don't give me this shit you don't front.

    Fuck, where do people even get this shit from. How is it, I can live my life without robbing anyone, without stealing, without fucking over another individual purposely with the intentions of me gaining, but some stupid ass holes have to take instead of earn it. Why do I fucking follow the rules, fuck this for real, it makes me contemplate saying fuck my morals, fuck the people around me and just take what I don't have. I'm sick of trying to earn my own and everyone else around me is doing as well or better because they cheat and scam their way through life. I could do it better, I could skate through life without a worry if I took what wasn't mine, but I can't because something inside of me says "if your going to take the time to steal it, why not just work for it". Fuck your morals, fuck you bitch as faggots who can't get your own shit.

    ^that coming from me means something, because I am lazy, I'm a lazy piece of shit, and if I can find the ability to work v.s the easy way so can everyone fucking else.

    Idk where this is going or what is mean to be accomplished in this thread, but I just needed to vent, now it's time to drink, smoke my last 8th of schwag, and go on a 10 month t-break, be the TB might just be the adrenalin pumping.

    Fucking fuck mother mother fuck. :smoke:
  2. Tough break.

    You never know though, he might come back.

    Your friend lost 600 dollars :eek:
  3. fuck the peice of shits up
  4. I hope he does, he'd probably have some grand story of how shit got all fucked up and swears it'd never happen again. I knew after I was told it'd take 90minutes, and he hadn't made contact by 120minutes it'd be the last time fucking around with this guy.

    On the bright side, their driver/connection, apparently told dudes gf that yes they did get it and yes they are back in town. The guy with my money was suppose to stop by his gf and never did either so there's always that.

    And yahh, thought he was getting half lb like he always did, apparently the house he typically went to had been raided and w/e like a week before and was empty now. So his connection ran into the front door and out to the back where his other ride was waiting.

  5. I would comment but then it become premeditated...o shit I mean.

    But don't worry, unlike my friends I at minimal will coast him $350 out of his own pocket, but I already though of informing the cops where he stays at if he didn't get arrested already.
  6. [​IMG]

    But in all seriousness that sucks man, I hate when shit like that happens.
  7. Ha that blows man. I've lost more then that before same shit. But guess what's even worse, I suped up a Suzuki Samurai, dropped 10k into it, and it blew up. 10k down the drain.
  8. I lost my my $25 scratch ticket in my room....

  9. lol it blew up..?
  10. He probably means that there was catastrophic engine failure / damage while it (the motorcycle) was in use, deeming the engine unusable.
  11. id go str8 to his house, n post up. hes gota come home sometime. if he dont got ur money or ur bud, id repo 350$ worth of furniture or whatever from his house for ur $ and if i saw anythin else i liked id take that too for putting me thru all the bs.
  12. Dude robbed me because he couldn't fine the weed I wanted him to get, so my dudes going to talk to him tomorrow about it.
  13. Lol notice how every time someone posts a story about losing a large sum of money, more than 75% of the time it's due to fronting.

  14. Note I've been going through my guy for 3 years and this is the first time I've had issues.
  15. So what does your regular dealer have to say about all this?
  16. dude im sketch as fuck about even fronting $10 for a DIME, and you fronted $350... ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    this bowls for you dude.
  17. thats an intense picture..just brutal as fuck
  18. I'm sorry for you OP.

  19. Didn't say it was your fault man. :p I'm sure you learned your lesson though.
  20. At the end of the day you chose to front. You knew it was bad, but you did it anyways. You learned a lesson that you really didn't have to learn AND you lost money in the process.

    I hope your buddy calls back, i'd feel dumb as fuck if i were you yo, i'm not hating but thats like lockin your keys in your car..You gotta just think about it!

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