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    When people lose something or someone, they do anything to attempt to gain it back.

    People grow attached to their surroundings, to their possessions. They find comfort in what is familiar to them, never really go outside themselves or inside themselves.

    They are comfortably numb.

    The reason we suffer so much is because we are afraid to let go.

    We are afraid of what is unknown.

    We like staying in our little boxes where we know everything and everyone. We are afraid to venture out into the world, we are afraid of meeting new people you see everyday. Everyone keeps to themselves, yet what good does that do? Are you afraid of bothering someone? Are you afraid of sharing stories, making connections?

    We are afraid of disputing our identity. We are afraid, yet we claim to "love". I love this, I love that, yet we are all shivering on the inside. How can you love when you are so full of fear? How can you even say you have lived when you are stuck in a conditioned state of mind that thinks there are boundaries, that thinks that it must do this or do that in order to be seen eye to eye.

    No one in this world gives two flying shits about anything, not like I do, not like I do.

    Simply be, be open.

    You can change this. People have become cold, private, and feelingless. They have adapted to the way of the sheep, to the way of the herd. They do not do much parting, adventuring for themselves.

    Who is leading the masses? Who follows the masses? What does the mass truly "know"?

    Are they just as lost as those who are not in the mass?

    Start to question, start to see. Who I is. Not what they think I is, but what I knows itself to be.

    Please, begin. Please, end. Please look where no one has looked. Please find what no one has found. Please think for yourself, and don't be afraid. Please love. Please.
  2. True shit man. I'm sure you seen fight club but you should probably watch it again because it takes a good number of times till you understand the "REAL" point of it. It wasn't just about revenge. It was about how materials control us. We don't own anything. Life owns us. Our environment owns us (Government, people, and so on). We don't have much of a real choice to do what we really "want" to do. The movie's real point is that society has fucking ruined and weakened us as individuals.

    Now I don't know to much to say about this besides the fact that its hard for people to develop "mental strength". Mental strength is much stronger than physical strength and its what actually creates physical strength in the first place. The biggest thing with a lot of people is the way they were "raised". If you go to prison and were to talk to some people there, they weren't raised like the rest of society that didn't fuck up and work everyday. Some of these people grew up where if they didn't fight back their own parents would whoop their ass. At a young age as well. People who grow up rougher and in other words I hate to say it (poorer) are much stronger than kids who are spoiled or grow up with money. The poorer kids know how to handle shit better so dealing with prison is nothing much to them as a rich kid getting thrown in jail and being like "wtf do i do now?" Humans are conditioned is what I'm trying to say.

    Don't let anyone give you shit for talking about stuff like this. And this stuff your talking about is the stuff that we can't change. The only thing we can do is try and accept it. But your doing good and I"m doing good because I also bring this shit up to people and its good because it opens people up to this type of shit and they spread it on and it just slowly changes the population. If you think about it. There is a HUGE amount of diversity in America. I mean there are norms and everything. But just go to a major city and there are breeds of life everywhere. Its crazy if you think about it. So there's nothing wrong with being your own person.
  3. Damn dude reading your post seriously hit home. Your pretty much describing me and the internal struggle I've been going through. I can remember my years in school I was always the loner I didn't want to associate myself with anyone putting off the front of superiority. With my black clothes and cold stares I isolated myself. Always looking down when walking, but would stare someone down forever if I caught them looking at me. Luckly I found a friend in HS who saw through this he was the student president. From him I got to know a lot of people and I started to change though still quite distant. I was no good with the emotional stuff, horrible with girls, and constantly trying to be the "cool" guy. Then about the beginning of last year I took shrooms with a real spiritual buddy of mine who pretty much called me out on it. I was stunned when he asked me "are you safe in your world"? I was speechless I couldn't even respond it felt like someone had attached 1000 pounds around my waist and I felt instantly sick. I realized that the sickness I felt came from the truth of his words, I'll never forget that feeling. Just knowing that people can see you for what you are even when your so immersed in your own fabericated reality that you, yourself no long question it. Since that night i've been experimented with shrooms and LSD looking internally questioning my actions my words other peoples action and words. I now greet anyone who I make eye contact with, couldn't care less what I wear, and even less about what people think of me. I'm starting to think this all part of growing up or maturing. Some do it faster than others, some not at all. A bit of a long post, but I thought my little story was very relevant.
  4. This reminds me of the movie Waking Life, the part when the main character passes a lady on the street and he walks by her in the "normal" fashion. But then the lady stops him and talks about how she doesn't want to be an ant and how she wants to have real human experiences. It's mind-boggling when you think of all the people in the world and how each and every one of them experiences consciousness individually, it makes me want to know everyone.

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