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Loss of Vision

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frideswide, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. I'm a pretty seasoned smoker. During the summer when I actually have money, I usually smoke 3+ times daily. However, when I went to college, it took me a week to find fellow stoners. Finally did, we smoked. About ten minutes after we smoked, we decided to go outside for a cigarette. I started to get sort of light headed, so I sat down, and my vision started to blur in from the edges and eventually went entirely black! My hearing was muted (though I could still hear, it sounded like everything was through a door or something), but I was still conscious and mentally functional/aware. This lasted for maybe three minutes and my vision slowly faded back in. It took my hearing a bit longer. And then I felt okay. About ten minutes later though, I stood up to go back inside, and my vision went black AGAIN only this time I fainted. I came to only a few seconds later and this time it took less than a minute for my vision/hearing to return.

    I assumed it may have been because I hadn't eaten, so next time I smoked, I made sure to eat/drink water consistently throughout the day before I smoked. Again, the same thing happened, only the second time I didn't faint. This was again after smoking a cigarette.

    I would think it was the nicotine, but I'm a pack a week smoker and have been known to smoke cigarettes and a pipe alternately, and have smoked weed out of a hookah with shisha before and whatnot... I don't understand how this all could have changed after a week of sobriety? Does anyone know what could be going on?
  2. wasnt the nicotine, you most likely were dehydrated and hungry. your body requires proteins and nutrients to function properly. the first time you "blacked out" you shouldve fainted. the second time you obviously did.

    happened to a friend of mine after he ate one of my firecrackers. he went momentarily blind but got really pale and sweaty first. not sure the cause but he blaims it on the weed. i however do not
  3. marijuana can make you pass out.

  4. hello correct answer :wave:
  5. Well, I know it can, and it has before, bong hits have been known to get me in the past, but it's been a good four months since I last passed out due to smoking, and I don't think I ever have smoking with a pipe before... I just don't understand why it's started happening or why it would have happened the last time it did, seeing as how I ate and drank beforehand.

    Good to know it probably isn't the nicotine, though...
  6. And I didn't get pale or sweaty or anything... everyone said I looked totally fine, and other than the fact that I couldn't see or hear, I FELT fine.
  7. Do you suffer from vertigo or low blood pressure?
  8. My mom suffers from low blood pressure, but I've never had a doctor mention it to me or anything.
  9. Weed causes your blood-pressure to lower, along with your blood sugar to lower. Sounds like you either one or a combination before you started smoking.
  10. this happened to me about a month or two ago. i was walking to my cousins house because i wanted to smoke but i cant do it at home and he lives in my neighborhood so its only like a 5 minute walk. so while walking i light up my blunt and smoke and when i get to his house his mom is on the porch so i asked her if i could just chill there for a little bit since i cant go home high. so we sat on the porch and talked for a few minutes and i could tell that i felt a little different than i usually do after i smoke. so i smoked about 2 cigarettes while we were talking and i stood up to go inside and the next thing i know i blacked out and i hit the floor. when i came back to my senses i went and sat down on the couch but then i started blacking out again. when i came out of it the second time i was pale and in a cold sweat. i thought maybe it was because of the walk and how the heat hit me and i didnt really eat too much. but i went and talked to my doctor and he said the bud could of been laced or sprayed. i have this thing where if i stand up too fast everything goes black for a few seconds but that was the first time ive ever actually passed out from it. it does happen more when i smoke but ive never fully blacked out until that time. so pretty much i think i got a hold of some bad weed but idk it could of been multiple things.
  11. dihydroation , low blud pressure , not enough suger , not eating enough.

    If it happens again and there's chocalate around eat some of that and you will feel alot better probz but i dought it was the bud.
  12. Weed causes ortherstatic hypotension, meaning, it lowers your blood presser more than normal when you stand up. low blood pressure can cause your vision to black out a bit, just think of a time you where sitting down for a while and stood up really fast, got light head and your vision went all weird?

    Weed also lowers your blood sugar.

    So I think it was a combination of low blood pressure AND maybe blood sugar. Eat before you smoke.

    Very true, paleness and sweat is a symtom of LOW BLOOD SUGAR.


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