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Loss Of Interest?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dropinbiking, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. I'm just wondering, has anybody else experienced a temporary loss of interest in smoking weed? 
    I've been smoking weed fairly consistently for quite a few years. I've always looked forward to picking up, getting home and getting blasted. 
    About two weeks ago now, I landed a solid job, and it seems like that's really changed my priorities. I've been working 9 hour days 5 days a week, and it's really great! My co-wokers are cool, my boss is super chill, it's just a great place to work. 
    I've never been one to get high before work, with the exception of odd jobs like splitting wood or some weekend work for friends or family. 
    It seems like I've had no interest in getting high now that I'm working everyday. I was all excited to get my first pay and pickup a fat half ounce, but I never did. I thought that having the weekeneds off would make me want to just sit back and get high, but I end up doing other things like gardening, landscaping around the house, I did some work on the car, went for some bike rides. 
    So yeah, it's been a little over two weeks since I've smoked any weed, and I just don't get that urge or excitement to get high. It's not worrying me or anything, I just find it a little strange. I've always used weed as a "reward system" after a long day or long week, to relax and unwind. It seems I just no longer see things that way. 
    I'm sure I'll end up picking up a bag next week or something, but I'm wondering if it will take away from my new found outlook on weed. The last thing I want to get back into is staying up all night smoking weed, and being bagged the next morning. 
    Anybody else experience something similar? Please, share your experiences. 

  2. Seems more like you found happiness so don't rely on weed as much, which is a good thing! Just toke up whenever you feel like a smoke, doing it less may eventually make those occasional smoking sessions much more enjoyable as you'll probably get higher and it won't just be "another".
    Usually when I have lots of weed I smoke less, could be related
  3. Thanks for your input. I've thought about that too, I do feel much happier. My sleeping patterns are back on track, I'm eating MUCH better, I just generally feel healthier. 
    And yes, I've experienced the same thing, the more weed I have on me, the less inclined I am to smoke as much.
  4. im feeling the same but my reason is different, i just feel like weed just isnt being effective so i been spacing it out more, hoping to drop my tolerance.
  5. I've never felt that, but of course I'm a person who has no friends to hang out with, a girlfriend who won't put out, and a daughter who I can't really do much with since she's still a baby, even when I had a job, and even when I was going to school I've never not felt the need to get high.
    When I don't have herb (mostly because of financial responsibilities) I'm still happy and keep busy around the house though.
  6. I'm in the same situation OP. I just got a job about a month ago, and I haven't smoked since 10 days before the drug test. The 23rd of this month will mark 2 months sober. Although I do plan on picking up with my first paycheck (the 14th), it's just frustrating I have to wait 6 weeks total for a damn paycheck.... I can definitely say I haven't had the urge when I'm working consistently. 
  7. You have certainly achieved a good thing man! Only smoke when really feel like it, life is just as good without it. 
  8. I had one of these phases when I was younger that lasted for a couple of months. I only really enjoyed smoking socially and stopped smoking alone, cutting my use to about a third of what I was originally doing. It was simply too boring to smoke alone in my opinion (changed now, love smoking alone or with anyone). I was living for the weekends essentially, but life outside smoking is excellent.
  9. I don't get like that either, I'm much more in tuned with more inner world rather than my external reality. 
  10. I got into smoking in the first place because of the social aspect. It took me years before I realized I didn't enjoy it. Too many of my 'friends' who I smoked with became annoying and desperate to smoke. That's when I started smoking alone. 
    I see myself becoming more of a social smoker now. I did leave out the fact I smoked a tiny hash joint with my neighbour last wek. I forgot about it actually. He needed some papers, so I biked a couple over and spun one for him. Made me remember how mellow a nice hash joint can be. 
    I agree with what you guys are saying, I think I've found some happiness in my life. I haven't been drinking much the last couple months either, which I am happy about. 
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    I'd love to make an update to this thread, I think it will be useful to MANY people. 
    So I ended up buying a quarter two weeks ago, I smoked a bunch over the weekend, got high as fuck. I started smoking weed in the evenings after work throughout the week. And this is what I've noticed.
    - If you have a low tolerance, you WILL feel some sort of after affect in the morning. However, this mostly only applied to strong weed being smoked in a fair amount. A small amount will be negligible in a few hours.  
    - Water is key. I've found myself to be MUCH more dehydrated in the early hours of the morning (6:30am-11:00am) after a night of smoking. Drinking water while throughout your session helps a lot, but more importantly, drink quite a bit (half litre?) before bed, and another as soon as you wake up.
    - Sleep plays a factor. I found myself less energized in the morning after the same amount of sleep after I started smoking in evenings. I was going to bed at 11:30 sober, waking up at 6:30 no problem. After smoking at nights, I would go to bed at 10:30, and struggle getting going at 7am. 
    - The day is different. Waking up with an afterglow (as only I can describe) tends to make the day not quite as sharp. This isn't quite a bad thing. What I mean is, my day tended to 'flow' more, the 'big picture' so to speak was easy to see, and smaller tasks were easy to break down. Basically I was more mentally active from morning till early afternoon, this made time seem to pass quicker. 
    **These are all observations made from marijuana being smoked in the EVENINGS, before going to bed. I did not smoke any upon waking up.**
    For the two weeks now, I have been smoking up after work and throughout the evening, and this is what I have to say.
    Pros: Day flows better - Something to look forward to after work - Muscle relaxant - Better reflection of your day - Makes after work tasks less daunting (could probably go on)
    Cons: Staying up to par on sleep is hard - Dehydration is a factor - No matter the myth, you are NOT as sharp the next morning  - Finer details and odd notes MAY be forgotten. This does depend on the individual.
    Hope I could shed some light, cheers guys, have a good weekend!
  12. Shit you're crazy lol. I work 10-15 hour days usually and holy shit getting high after work is the best. I seriously forget about all the shit I dealt with that day/night and am able to unwind peacefully. 
    But it sounds like you actually really like your job. 
  13. I kind of lost interest in weed after a while. I went from tokin all day to, at the least, vaping once after school/work and then again before bed. I also pretty much stopped combusting my bud altogether 'cause it's so dang tiresome.
    I guess that after it stopped being a novel experience, my use of cannabis stopped being about getting really high; instead, it's just about winding down for me.
    I've been working 9 hour shifts with no real lunch break at an autobody shop. It's not the most physically intensive, but it sure is a drain. I sure enjoy a fat bong rip after work (After I unpack my shit, change, rinse and fill the bong) I'm just breaking it down for someone who isn't a hardcore daily stoner. I've been one myself, but since THIS job, I starting out not smoking weed for weeks before, and a couple weeks after starting.
    I never got into vaping, I don't think I could ever get into it. The combustion aspect intrigues me. I like flame and fire and combustion. The smoke is beautiful, the smell, everything :) 
    I understand what you mean about cannabis becoming a part of daily life, almost second nature. I was once there myself. I've been taking some breaks recently. Not so much T-breaks, more like monetary breaks. and reality check breaks. 
    Cheers all! Hope you all have a good weekend! :)
  15. Pretty cool to hear an unbiased view on things. Enjoy away my friend!
  16. It's a life enhancer, and you don't need your to be further enhanced(it seems). If your content in the key aspects of your life, then it might not be as mentally relieving or rewarding to you.

    High on life is a cheesy saying, but it can definitely be a real feeling.

  17. Sounds like you need to find better weed.

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  18. I'm jealous of you OP.
  19. Smoking makes everything I do or any place I'm going more interesting/not boring so I don't think I'll ever lose interest especially since I stop for a month, after every three months that I smoke to lose the tolerance I build up so I can save money and get higher while mocking less weed.

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