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Loss of appetite

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eatwiththeking, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone. Lately I've been smoking everyday and i realized that I have slowly lost my appetite for food. I haven't been hungry as much only after i smoke. Is this a serious problem? Before i would eat small meals of 6 but now i don't really have an appetite so i choose not to eat. Its not like i dont want to eat, cause once i start eating i would finish off the meal, its just i dont feel the urge to eat.
    Thanks, sorry if this doesn't make sense.
  2. I can't see how that would have to do with smoking at all. Maybe it's cause you eat a lot more when yo are high so comparatively, when you aren't high, you eat normally, which seems like little in comparison.
  3. No this is a legit side effect of smoking everyday. A lot of smokers will ignore weed has any physical side effects but if you smoke everyday for a long period of time, your body will re-adjust after you quit and you won't be hungry for a few days and maybe as much as a week. It doesn't for everyone but i know i was smoking for about 2 months straight about 10 hours a day and when i got sober, i definately experienced this. Just like any other drug there are side effects to coming down sometimes. It's not anything bad imo. Take this week to excercise and get it out of your system. Plus you won't be as hungry so you can make serious progress on getting in shape during this time. Not only will it lower your tolerance by sweating it out of your system, but you will get in shape quicker cuz the food won't slow down your progress.
  4. I have never lost my appetite from smoking. If anything I gain too much weight cause i eat normally then get the munchies. I would do some research on this, but I am no longer at school and dont have access to all the scientific studies i had before. Google searches are not credible sources of information generally....
  5. This happens when I eat a shitton at night (the only time I smoke). It's a very similar effect as with The Warrior Diet, by Ori Hofmekler. When you overeat at night, your body reacts to stay in equilibrium by craving much less during the day. Given the extent of many people's munchies, they want to eat little or nothing when not high.
  6. Some people gain/lose their appetite after smoking. Its a hit or miss thing really.
  7. This happen to me after mixing herb with shrooms... i never got the munchies again after that experience for some reason?:smoking:
  8. Yeah I as well no longer have the craving for food when after I smoke. I also work with food all day too so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. Your body definitely readjusts to how much you use.:smoking:
  9. im the same way. ive lost 10 pounds over the last 2 weeks so now i just eat constantly to try and gain weight. being young and very active its hard to gain weight
  10. I actually 3/4 of the time never really even have an appetite while not high, so being high allows me to eat.
  11. Probably cuz you smoke around the clock. If you're high a lot for like 2-3 weeks then when you get sober, you probably wont be hungry. Doesn't for everyone though. You really have to be smoking a lot to lose your apetite.

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