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Loss of appetite when not stoned?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ballerific, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been smoking for about a year now, basically every day and often 3-4 times in one day. However, i've noticed more and more than when I havent smoked all day it can be hard for me to eat. For example, if I wake up and dont smoke, i'll know that I am hungry, but I cant eat more than a couple bites of something before I get the feeling like its coming right back up.. I'm about 6'1 and 180 lbs so im not like really small or anything.. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this?

  2. yea man I know exactly what you mean. i smoked at school every day a couple times a day and i noticed when i got home for the summer and didn't smoke for a couple days my appetite went way down. i would get full from eating like half the amount of food i would when i was high and i'd look down at my plate and be like "damn, if i was stoned i would have crushed the rest of this." i think it's just your mind and body adjusting from being high all the time to sobriety. after a few days it'll probably get better.
  3. That happens to me if I smoke a lot, and then stop. My appetite usually comes back after a couple of days of not smoking. Not sure why it happens.
  4. uuhh... I have felt simular. If I don't smoke for a couple of days I eat less. But put a plate of something good in front of me and I'll eat it. I love to cook after somokage but if I havn't, I couldn't care less how good I eat. I noticed the other day a glass of wine seems to start my appitite up to normal. guess we been smoking on the reg enough to effect our appitites. this is kind of new to me too. been smoking longer but hadn't noticed this until recently.
  5. yeah i don't really eat until after i burn, i just don't feel hungry
  6. man im in the exact same boat but i have found you realy dont need to smoke much to keep it down so i just have a small bong before i eat.
  7. Dude forreal, when I'm high I can eat a whole large pizza, minus like maybe 1 or 2?

    I wasn't high today, ahven't smoked since yesterday afternoon, a blunt with 4 people. I ate like, 3-4 peices. I hadbn't eaten all yet yet either, so trust me I was hungry.

    SMoking fucks with me man, I realzie now, that my ex was NEVER hungry when she wasn't stoned. Only ate when she was at night she'd eat, bad eating habits.
  8. Shit yeah.
    I know what you mean. I always take too much food when sober, not enough when high.
    And a lot of the times i toke up its at night, so i eat like 14 pounds of food at 1 in the morning.
  9. smoking and sleeping has definitely made a difference in my appetite. now that i'm home for the summer, i find that i wake up between 1 and 3 and begin to get extremely hungry. i think i will want to eat a ton of food, and only end up being able to eat a couple pieces of pizza before i feel like i may throw up. i can usually be done eating for the rest of the day at that point. someonetimes i don't eat because i'm with my friends and smoke instead. i find that smoking supresses my appetite if i was hungry before i smoke. i have been eating much less lately, but i don't really mind. although, i often have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. i can't seem to satisfy my hunger. i am either painfully full or painfully hungry (unless i smoke then i am content).
  10. try dealing with that while rolling once every week or two. :eek: lol itll fix itself in a couple days dont worry
  11. It's not just me? OMG!!! I've been smoking for like I guess a year and a half straight and normally I will tear some shit up while I'm high at night and on the weekends. I thought I was going mental because while I'm not high I have no urge to eat. I try to force myself to eat sometimes but will wind up only taking a couple of bites because I get sick to my stomach. I'm not anorexic or nothing a matter of fact I've always tried to put on as much weight as possible because I used to be so small. I cannot afford to lose any weight. My stomach is growling or feeling weird all day but it's not until I get my "medicine" that I can actually eat like a normal person. I'm glad to know it's not just me but what the fuck! This seems to be the only downside of me smoking everyday.
  12. i only eat when im baked.
    before weed i had a problem, where i could feel hunger pain, but i had no appetite. i lived off those nutra-shake meal replacement things.
    honestly, my appetite and my sleep are the main reasons i still smoke today. if i could live normally without bud then i would be a weekend warrior at best - right now im on par with an addict.
  13. very interesting to hear that everyone experiences this... i have an appetite when i don't blaze but it's nothing compared to what it is after a good session...

  14. I haven't had ANY munchies-esk symptoms for probably a year. I dont really wanna eat even when Im hungry, and when I smoke I have an almost regular appetite. Cant afford to loose weight either, Im 6'0 and like 140... sucks, time for a tbreak....But then when I do Adderalls I cant eat all day....
  15. Same thing with me. Ive lost a lot of weight recently and my parents asked me if I have an eating disorder or something because I haven't been eating.
  16. I have this same problem I only eat when Im high I usuall skip breakfast unless i wake and bake by lunch time Im already stoned and dinner is just a give in, so when i went on my tolerance break a few months back for like the first week i barely ate anything it sucked
  17. my mom pisses me off with that shit I get that too.
  18. man were all in the same boat bro.. i cant eat right nor sleep right if i havent smoked.
    i also get really moody when i havent shmoked.
    im not going to say "taking a break" is impossible, but i just wont. idonno wtf
  19. yep... hey, maybe we're on to something. smoking weed makes you hungry...not smoking weed makes you not able to eat... it's like some sick, twisted game..

    or maybe im just to high :smoke:

    anyways, at this point in my life, i actually rarely eat anything until the sun goes down (unless i got the munchies, of course). if i try to eat something first thing in the morning (even breakfast), i'm likely to eat 1/3 of the plate and feel like imma puke.

    but hey, im not complaining. eating is overrated
  20. I cant eat breakfas twithout waking and baking if i dont smoke in the morning i dont eat till around 4

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