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losing your virginity

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pheelgood, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Hahahha I might post soon *wink*
  2. I was 15, at a party, this girl started making out with me, foreplay, insertion, came, regret, brag to friends.
  3. I got busted by parents the first time lmao... nobody was home but me and her after school and next thing you know my stepdad was paging the cordless phone i go to the door in just pants and said uhhhh its not what it looks like as she is butt ass naked on the bed haha
  4. Did it while watching sex drive! :) God I love my girlfriend
  5. I'm 18 and i feel so ashamed that i haven't gotten laid...... yeah, i do go to parties and rave stuff, but i never seem to get fuck, i do try my luck but it's doesn't work out.
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    [quote name='"GaryOkay"']I'm 18 and i feel so ashamed that i haven't gotten laid...... yeah, i do go to parties and rave stuff, but i never seem to get fuck, i do try my luck but it's doesn't work out.[/quote]

    Just wait until the time is right. Dudes that stick their dick in any women that will allow them, usually end up in a bad way.

    When I was dating my ex, her 'morals' (were bullshit) were that she would have sex when she felt the time was right, and was 'proud to be a virgin'.
    But she was quick to have me finger her, to which she said she 'had no G spot'. I literally tried everything, and was on the phone with her once while she was playing with her vibrater, the same situation occurred. She 'couldn't find her pleasure spot'. She also attempted to jack me off once, failed horribly, and I had to finish...


    All in all, she was dumb as rocks, and I'm REALLY happy I didn't lose my V card to someone like her, who only wanted my cash and to 'feel special' (with my cash).

    After we broke up, I found out she had found a job working once a week and "maybe she wouldn't need her parent's help to pay off her $75 ticket...." She tells me "I'm not a gold digger, girls just like feeling special" = "spend all your money on me."

    The moral of it all: Make your first time mean something, that's what I intend to do.
  7. Lmao good stuff
  8. Lost my virginity at age 19, in a beautiful time-share resort my parents own overlooking a lake. Doggy style on the king sized bed too :cool:
  9. [quote name='"Flying Lotus"']Lost my virginity 2 days after my 16th birthday.

    I had met a gorgeous Latina at my brother in-laws wedding. She was 17 at the time, and was one of the bridesmaids. Amazing Ass, Long straight black hair, tight stomach, and smooth legs.

    Our first meeting was kind of a quick meet n greet, since it was at the actual wedding, she had alot of work to do. It was at the reception that we hit it off. I was spending most of the time with my parents, just chilling & talking with my Dad. Eventually as the hours got late, I wandered over to her made some small talk. Which eventually led into deep talk, which eventually led into us leaving the reception hall and wandering in a nearby parking garage.

    We aimlessly went to the top of the garage when I asked her a question...

    "So... Are you 420 Friendly?"


    "What I mean is, Do you smoke herb?"

    "I love smoking bud! Please tell me you have some?"

    I then proceeded to pull a blunt out of a cigar tube I had in my coat pocket. I was saving the blunt for the drive home, seeing as I was going to stay at my buddies house that night.

    But there we were, on top of that parking garage, no lights, no sounds, just night sky, her & I, and marijuana.

    We killed that blunt in about 3 minutes, & then leaned over the edge of the top-wall, and just stared at the town. The conversation led into talk of relationships, boyfriends, ex's, and eventually sex.

    The inciting event was when she realized that she still had my lighter in her hand. So she stopped what she was doing, and walked over to me, took the lighter, and put it in my pants pocket... But she left her hand there.

    She kept it there, and slowly inched towards my dick. She slid her hand up my stomach, over my pants, and eased her way into my underwear. Needless to say, I had an instant erection. Goosebumps crawled up my spine as her lips softly kissed my neck.

    She slowly squatted down in front of me, looked up at me and said,

    "Thanks for smoking me out"

    I didn't say anything, we just stared at each other for a few seconds.

    She broke the silence,

    "Can I?"

    Of course I said "Absolutely"

    She immediately unbuckled my belt, slid down my boxers, and was happily greeted by my cock. From therein, I received amazing, sensual, head. Which led to me laying on the cold ground of the parking garage, and her riding my dick. I literally felt like it was too good to be true. But it was really happening.
    After being ridden for a bit, I realized it was time to nut. I told her I was gonna cum, in a very awkward tone. She said "Go ahead baby", and I obliged.

    After that moment, she became my girlfriend.
    And we are still happily dating, Her being 20, and myself being 19 currently.

    That was the most romantic experience I have ever had, & probably ever will have.

    WOOO, thats a long comment. I type WAY too much when I blazed, my bad for the long read haha.[/quote]

    This is great! Haha
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    my ex girlfriend who i dated for like 2 years off and on since 7th to end of 9th grade came over on my 15th birthday. mom left for a little. we end up fucking in like 4 different positions. and it was really awesome sex and not awkward at all so it was a good day. lol
  11. was 16, and a sophmore, hanging out with my 17 year old girlfriend at the time who was senior. we had talked about it before. she came over we had sex, she started to cry in the middle because i was too quiet and didn't tell her i loved her during it.... pretty much killed the mood for that day and we stopped. she was a crazy bitch, but she taught me to fuck like a champion after that, and every girl since has given me an A+ and something along the lines of "how the fuck are you doing that" at some point during.
  12. I lost my virginity in the bathroom of a cruise ship.

    The bathroom was tiny. I had her against the wall with my back to the door. With every thrust my ass hit the door.
  13. Lost my virginity at 15 at a party to a nice latina.Man i need to call her again!
  14. I honestly can't remember when or who I lost mine to. Its pretty sad. I like to say its my best friend but I used to drink a lot in school and I have blacked out many times and woken up with a few different girls. Some more than once.
  15. a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell
  16. It was the summer after freshman year, and I got it in with my girlfriend at the time.

    Bottom parking lot of our high school at night. We went to jack in the box after. We continued to fuck like rabbits for a few years until she dipped back to Oregon. She got super skinny and looks very different now.

    We still hang out from time to time when she comes to visit her dad.
  17. at 19, can't remeber his name
  18. Yea im a fuckiing virgin at almost 20, it sucks as much as you think it does. Watever, i just keep telling myself fuck it, itll happen but i really dont think it will.
  19. I lost my virginity in a drunken haze at strip club to a overweight dancer/prostitute in a tiny janitors room with no AC... I was 17.... Thank you, Manuela, wherever you are.

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