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losing your virginity

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pheelgood, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. 15, couch, no condom, 5 seconds, scared looks, lots of crying, yup.

    its funny though, with her, i couldnt last more then 10 seconds. no matter what. i get a new girlfriend who is 10xs hotter, and the times bounce up to 2+ hours. lol. i dont get life.
  2. Yeah, we got a few hotties ;)

    Meh, I dunno, had just turned 17 and fucked this chick from one of my classes. She was a pretty hot half vietnamese half norwegian, later realized she was an obnoxious bitch but still no regrets.
  3. Thought I was going to be losing it soon, but he chick said we should rather be friends.

  4. twas many moons ago, I was 14 years of age and 18 was she.
    naked we were, laying together in her bed. She got ontop of me and I on bottom. Twas swagged out.
    but yeah it was awesome
    ummm kinda weird though cuz of the blink 182 poster i was forced to stare at on the ceiling haha
  5. I was 17 when I lost mine. Her house in the living room while her mom was sleeping down the hall in her room. Thank god she's a heavy sleeper!
  6. i lost my virginity at a brothel....
  7. When I was 15, we were practicing for my girlfriend's quinceanera and she told me she wanted to try it. Everyone was gone but some really annoying guy that just wouldn't leave. When he finally left we got to business on her bed and I tried to put a condom on, it slipped off after a minute because I didn't roll it down all the way and when it came off we just kept going. It was really... slow. We didn't know anything so we kind of just winged it. Needless to say we stopped when her aunt called her and she was just sitting on me talking to her aunt and I completely lost my boner. Yeah, kind of sucked.
  8. When I was 17, I planned "The Best Day Ever." I smoked weed for the first time that afternoon, then lost my virginity that night. The weed was good, the sex was bad.
  9. I can't tell my story without being banned. She was a brunette. I was.... Yeah lets end this conversation. Unfortunately it was more of an "under the influence" decision on both our parts. Ended with her ass in a cab (I payed for it) and mine in my bed satisfied. She had a boyfriend, I had asked another girl out at the time. Wasn't good timing but it was good sex. We hooked up once more the following week but then that was it.
  10. [quote name='"Speedybullets"']I lost mine last May. Homeboy called me to get a car wash and to have a couple beers. One of the chicks washing my car gave me a lap dance, sat on my lap and shared a cigarette and just started makin out. It was gettin cold outside so we all went in. I sat on a recliner and she cuddled on my lap and continued puttin her tounge in my mouth. She then walked into a bedroom and said out loud "im gonna lay down anyone wanna is welcome to join" so two other dudes were like " go fuck her! and wear a condom she gave me clap last time" so im just like ahhh shit fuck it. I go in and we start makin out, I rubb her pussy then start to finger. She puts her hand down my pants and strokes my dick. Then whispers in my ear "put your dick in me" I was very hesitant and just continued, then 20 seconds after she grips my dick and raises her voice " I said put it in!" I get a condom on and just used what I saw in porn. fucken her mecernary position and I teared the pussy wide open, I can tell cuz it was tight, the look on her face and she dug her nails in my back. We fucked for 5 minutes then the condom broke, I kinda panicked cuz I thought I would get an STD. My penis was still hard and I was hopin for a blowjob. She got her cloths back on and said "too bad im only 15" O_O I ran started my car and got the hell outta there.[/quote]

    You fucked her even though BOTH your friends got an STD from her? Wow.
  11. I was 16, it was after junior year prom. I went with a good friend that was way out of my league. After we went back to my buddy's house whose parents were out of town. Started it in the hot tub. Got her naked, she was so sexy this skinny little blonde. After a while I asked if she wanted to go upstairs.

    My friend let me use his sisters room. Started of missionary blew my load in 45 sec. Round two she got on top. Problem was the bed had this huge headboard with pictures frames on the top of it. Well we rocked the bed a bit to hard and one fell off 2 feet above my head only to fall right on my right eye. Gave me a slight black eye but it was a good laugh. Blew my load in about 3 min.

    Round 3 baby finally doggy style, I was going to slow for her and she actually said grab my hips and fuck me. So hot, I did what I was told haha. Lasted a good while this time. By far one of the best sexual experiences I've had
  12. the real story of mine isnt too epic, but the backstory is interesting. basically, i put it in, but had to take it out after only like 10 seconds because i wasnt wearing a condom and the girl was scared she was going to get pregnant. what funny is, up to this point thats the only time me and that girl have had actual sex, and were now dating, but when we had sex we werent dating.

  13. This sounds so badass. :metal:
  14. I'd rather lose it to somebody I love and care about than some highschool slut (or middle school for some of you)

    That being said, I'm glad I waited.
  15. I waited til I was 19. Kids shouldn't have sex..it's weird lol.
  16. 18, Freshman year. I was at this massive indoor rave, and was extremely intoxicated. Up until this point I had gotten baked plenty, but had never done so while drunk. So of course, this night my buddy finds me and we go outside and light up. That is the last thing I remember from that night.

    The next morning, I am getting texted by this chick and she is saying some pretty raunchy shit to me, and I have no idea who she is (I entered her name on my phone as "BBabe"). So I went along with it, and tried to piece together what I did with her the previous night. Supposedly we had been all over each other on the dancefloor, and I had invited her to go back to my place. She apparently didn't want to walk that far so we fucked in the janitor's closet in the residence that the party was in...

    So thank god I wore a condom, cause when I saw her in real life the first thing I did was get myself checked out.

    tl;dr I lost my virginity to some random slutty chick and I don't even remember it. and I don't regret a thing.

  17. I really wish I did

  18. OHHHHHHH DAMNNNN i was not expecting that..... :(
  19. My story is a bit weird..

    So I was 12 at the time chillin with my friends infront of a store and my brothers ex (who was 19 at the time) goes into the store comes out and asks me if I want to go back with her and hang out with her and some other people.I said sure elaving my friends behind not knowing what would happen.

    We get there and go straight to her room me,her and her friend(another one of my brothers ex's) We get talkin the three of us and she steals her moms alcohal and brings back pills.Took my first few shots and she told me to take some of the pills my dumb self did.So she leaves the room and ehr friends like "she says she wants to have a threesome, do you want too?" My dumb self said no I was a scared virgin and young.Her friend ended up leaving as me and ehr started making out as she got jelous I imagine.Then she proceeds to take my clothes off and before I know it..well hours later im not a virgin.
  20. I was a sophmore in highschool,turning 16 in about a month, I had just gotten some mids and smoked those bitches up,and i get a call from my friend(girl who wanted to be my girlfriend) asks if I wanna come over,and i said sure. So i spend about half an hour trying to find her house when I finally call her telling her to come out so i can see where her house is.
    She finally goes outside of her house and I see her. We go into her pad and we start watching TV when she finally tells me that she likes me,and wants me to be her boyfriend.And of course im high and i get that brainfart and 30 seconds later I say that stoner saying "whaaa?" and she just asks if im high,i say "sorry" and she goes on about how she has an ounce of some cali shit in her closet,until she finally invites me into her room and she actually did. We went to the garage and smoked about 5 bowls before I told her that I liked her to and asked her out. So there we were,a new couple sitting in her garage smoking bowls when I finally kiss her,she procedes to take my shirt off,and since im stoned i just let her do it without even noticing,and i reach for her pussy,i start doing what i'd seen in pornos( i know lol) and then she takes her pants off and says "fuck me" so i procede to do so and she starts moaning right there in her garage,and after about 4 minutes,i decide to go anal,because i've heard stories about how pre-cum can fk u over with a baby,so i just fuck her in the ass till i bust a nut. We dated until i graduated and we broke up a few weeks back. and yes I did have a hard time putting it in LOL

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