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losing your virginity

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pheelgood, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Finally. Someone on my level. I'm not sure why people have to describe every...single...detail so vividly. If you're over 18 than you don't need to tell us all the obvious things.

    Like...she obviously had to pull your pants off, your dick was obviously hard, and it was obviously inside of her for some time. I'm not sure why people find it neccessary to state such obvious things like "then she took my shirt off..."
  2. havent had it yet and not to sound like a perv but as an 18 year old male you know damn well its on my mind 24/7 haha
  3. First time was with another virgin, we had been out celebrating a mates birthday. we had been drinking all night and were on other chemicals too so only got upto about half a bar, we ended up stopping cos we couldnt seem to get the rhythm going, and i couldnt concentrate long enough to get a full bar. The walls in this house were paper thin and everyone knew what the go was before we went to bed so the next morning was a strange mixture of pride, releif and extreme embarrassment.
  4. sorry to say man, but this might say something about your dick size.
  5. [quote name='"KevinZP"']

    sorry to say man, but this might say something about your dick size.[/quote]

    I always thought that was an expression, having your "cherry popped".
  6. i stuck it it. she told me it hurt and asked me to stop. i took it out

    and if that doesnt count

    brought a girl i was dating home. meant to get there before my dad got home from work and we planned to bone. my dad was home so i boned her as quietly as possible.

    it was not very enjoyable and it was very awkward. because out of paranoia we kept our cloths on, just pulled our pants down a little
  7. In my old Crown Vic with my prom date...about as cliche as you can get.
  8. First time having sex was pretty relaxing than I thought it was going to be, I assumed it was going to be one of those moments where I choke and lose control and shut myself down and walk away, however I met this one girl whom of which was friends with my current girlfriends bestfriend and we talked once prior to the sex. Me and my girlfriend had many issues and it was best for us to break up, my now ex girlfriends bestfriends friend decided to text me and see if I was okay and if I needed anything, I was for sure upset because I had just lost the girl I was deep in feelings with and needed someone to spend time with, so I went to pick her up and we ended up at a park on a bench talking about F'ed up relationships, parties, bud and alcohol. Before I know it she was sitting in my life making out with me, kissing my neck and grinding. She was like, "You live around here don't you? I said yeah right down the street, she was like lets go there its really hot out here, im sweating and need some water, so we walked back to my car and drove to my place... when arriving she instantly ran up to my room like she knew where it was some how, I slowly traced behind her curious to know what the hell was going on and I arrive at the top of the stairs and she is laying in my bed under the covers and repeatedly saying im tired come take a nap, I was like well im not tired but ill still lay with you! and she said awww your so sweet, why did that bitch leave a guy like you anyways, i replied with somethings in life can never be explained and she said this can be explained, she laid herself on top of me, took off her shirt followed by her bra and ripped off my shirt and began to kiss me all the way down to the belt line and unbuckled my belt and pulled off my trousers and I already knew where this was going, I had received head before that moment and I thought that was all there was to it and i continued to enjoy it, she then stopped looked at me and said, do you have a condom? i got this bolt of energy throughout my body and began to spazz out looking for my wallet which had a condom in it (all of this while pantsless) throughout my house and finally found it running back to my room, by the time i got there i had lost my boner and she continued to kiss my stomach neck and ears to get me it back, before i know it i had gained it back again but there was another problem, this time i had to take the most raging piss ever while having a boner and she was sucking my dick, i was thinking to myself what the F do i do or say to stop this so I can take a piss without it seeming gross? i was like, hold on i think i left my front door unlocked and told her it was best i check to see if it was locked so no one could walk in on us. I sprinted down the stairs shaking like ive never shook before because i wanted to hurry this up, it was 4:15 and i had work at 5 and i live about 15 minutes from the place, I took the longest piss of my life and ran back upstairs and proceeded with fucking the brains out of this girl followed by a text the next day saying "that was the best sex ive ever had, thank you, again sometime?"
  9. I don't know yet... but ill come back
  10. me and my bro were like 15 and biked to some girls house and got fucked up with them. We then went in separate rooms and did the business. No condom either, I remember busting on her stomach and then wanting to leave right after, no cuddling or shit lol.

    We biked home it was like 4 am, we fist bumped lol.
  11. what happened to Grasscity? haha
  12. i was like were the fuck did my post go? then i realized i posted in "First blowjob" LMAO.
  13. I dated a very conservative girl for a long time that had a really kinky side and would do anything besides actual sex. This was great and helped me build my confidence with the ladies. Sadly after a year I ended it since our beliefs were so different about things (religion, weed).

    So about 3 weeks after the break up one of my friends texts me and she asked if I wanted to hang out. We went to the park and smoked a blunt and she asks how I'm dealing with the breakup and I said something about how it sucks being the bad guy sometimes. Well she ended up confessing she had a crush on me and asked if I wanted to go back to her apartment with her. One minute we were watching tv and the next I was rolling over in bed after having just finished in her. It happened so fast and I was so caught off guard by her making the first moves that lead to it that I can't really recall the move from her living room to her bedroom. We stayed together for a few months, but we didn't really connect other than in bed. We have since hooked up at parties randomly and now we go to the same college but don't talk ever.
  14. i was 17. with my best friend at the time in his bedroom while his girlfriend was out of state. and i thought i was in loooove with him. ha!
  15. [quote name='"Crispy21"']Yea im a fuckiing virgin at almost 20, it sucks as much as you think it does. Watever, i just keep telling myself fuck it, itll happen but i really dont think it will.[/quote]

    Damn bruh, you need to hop into the game before its too late!
  16. i was 18, happened at a resort while in Branson, MO with my gf at the time.
  17. Lost it when I was 17 on 4/20 best ending to a long day of smoking
  18. I LOL'ed so fucking hard. Was thinking the exact same thing.

    Nope...it's because when a girl breaks her hymen (cherry) she bleeds.

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