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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MonkeyUndead, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So not too long ago, my gf of only about 3 months broke it off. I'm not all heartbroken or anything. She was kinda a rebound anyway. But she was a movie whore just like me and we'd watch movies at her house and everything, so that was cool.

    But I brought movies to her house. I brought a few like Death Proof, Planet Terror, Sin City, 300, Devil's Rejects, Dawn of the Dead, Goonies and Willow (Kaya!) because she said she never saw em.

    When we broke up she wouldn't give me back the movies. And she only brought one over to my house... Love Actually. I got pretty effed on that one.

    Obviosly its not the worst thing to lose. Have you guys lost anything you wish you hadn't to an ex? Not counting your soul, sense of love or innocence.:p
  2. one of my favorite hoodies of all time...
  3. i let her borrow one of my favorite shirts during christmas break....and she lost it..
  4. I let my ex borrow money to put a huge tip on one of our bills - he promised to pay me it back and a few days later the wanker broke up with me :mad: Oh well, I'm over him and really happy in my relationship I'm in now :)
  5. my ex girl gotsome of my cds like some psychopathic ones and all my eazy e cds and shit...fuckin cunt
  6. My ex stole a Tshirt of mine.. I'd only warn it once as well :mad: Bitch stole brand a new hoody too, then gave it to her sketty friend after we broke up.. I didn't want none of that shit back..
  7. Senior year of high school when me and gf broke up she gave me back all of the crap i had given her, which was a lot of shit. I didnt fucking want it back, what the hell?

    So I didnt give the shit she gave me back:D

    Im actually back with her now, haha, o well
  8. How's gettin back together with her workin out for ya?

    I'm havin trouble keepin my ex-gf fuck buddy status, kinda alot of feelings involved on both ends but neither of us want a relationship, but everytime we are talking bullshit always happens and drama, and we always end up randomly not talking. It's weird with exes, I already let this one go, no more contact since thursday.

    Also I had the same situation Monkey, except it was with my ex gf, (one who i described above) but she kinda stopped asking me about the stuff even though we still saw each other lol, and everytime I dicked her she was basically buyin me $100's of dollars worth of shit, so the break up was not too bad.

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