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Losing your first love

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by HookedonPhonics, May 13, 2010.

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone, glad everyone was so sincere! it's still hard today but i've managed to laugh and smile a bit when not thinking about her.

    Though my emotions seem to shift with my mood, like dramatically from one hour to the next. At the moment i'm so hurt because i feel i have lost a best friend, it's so odd how you never really lose close friends, or never have any notion to break apart from a friend unless something gets in the way, and yet you make a decision to remove the closet and most important person out of your life.

    Love fucking sucks... i don't know what day it is, i have no conscious knowledge of time or anything important to wake up to anymore - i just seemed to go from one day to the next like a drone. 4 months has never seemed so far away.

    I'm trying to occupy my mind with other stuff, but there's not much to do around here, and while weed does help most of the time, if i do end up thinking about it while high i start to think about it really in depth and that's not always helpful.
  2. I had a girl tear myheart out and shit on it. Or atleast thats wut it feels like. Love sucks . Screw as many chicks as possible. Dont fall in love
  3. from my personal experience with one girl that brokeup with me you girlfriend was probably thinking about breaking up for some time and probably made the decision to breakup way before the actual breakup.

    I doubt most people suddenly think about breaking up one day and breakup just like that.

    that's probably why when a girl breaks up with you she seems to have moved on right away because she already knew she was going to brekup with you weeks ago or whatever so she has already started moving on before actually giving yout he news that its over.

    feeling heartbroken sucks.

    the next time I have a girlfriend i'm probably going to try and not get attached to her and just assume she will dump me eventually so when it does happen it won't be so hard lol.
  4. Yeah i think she had made her mind up, i think while i was away in Spain she enjoyed being single - which is fucking hurtful - and then when i came back wasn't in the right mindset to make it work, thus didn't get attached to me and broke it off. It sucks and i wish i hadn't gone Spain but obviously it's not meant to be if you cant even have a week apart without them questioning the relationship.

    O well, i was pretty bad last night, but i'm much better today. Planning a holiday with my mates later and will hopefully meet new girls out there with no strings attached until i go Uni.
  5. best of luck to you.
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    good luck man
  7. yep, 1st time for everything. it gets easier
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  9. Time heals all wounds.

    The best thing to do after a breakup? Cut off all contact... do something totally different... become friends again when you've moved on.

    Staying friends with an ex without that period of time where you're not talking right after a breakup is baaaad. I've done it before and it definitely screwed up my friendship with my ex. Its always better to take that time apart to get over the relationship
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    i know how you feel bro, i went through pretty much the same thing. Love is a bitch, and im not gonna get that close to a girl again until im ready to get married. My advice to you is not to keep it all inside, if you have a friend that wont call you a little bitch, go pick up a 24 rack, get some weed, and just get it all out of your system. destroy all reminders of her, and if you can, cut off all contact. if you want to be friends again, do it in 6 months or so, but chances are she will be a completely different person than the woman you remember, and you may not even enjoy being around her. I went to college shortly after we broke up and if you havent been to a college yet just wait, if your living in the dorms new friends are pretty much forced on you, and theres plenty of chicks looking to have a good time. Once i started embracing being single and stopped moping, life got alot better.

    EDIT: I dont know how into substances you are and this is not the best advice, this thread just got me reminiscing. back before i went into rehab, when one of the crew had a break up, we assembled the Five B's and had a good ass time. The Five B's : Bud, Bombs, Bitches, Booze, Blow. once again, not the best advice, just something that seemed to work

    EDITx2: Mods, if i wasnt allowed to say that, my bad. Im still unclear about mentioning stuff outside of pandoras box

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