Losing Weight Or Muscle?

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  1. I havent been to the gym in about 2 weeks I used to try and go every weekday for an hour but since finals have been coming up i havent gone to the gym in a while. Whenever i go to stand on the scale my weight is still going down but im not sure if this is muscle mass or fat

  2. It's potentially both..keep your protein content high and you will only lose a little bit of mass.
  3. It's not compulsory to lose weight by doing heavy workout, you need to avoid carbohydrates which are the basic cause of your fat, eating a healthy diet with nutritions and proteins can be effective for losing weight even you can lose weight by doing swimming. 
  4. lift heavy to avoid the risk of losing muscle, 1-6 rep range
    if you are losing more than two pounds a week, then yep, you're losing muscle. aim for 1 lb a week
    hows your diet?
  5. Are you giving your muscles a break? ie, having a leg day, then an arm day? If you work out the same area of you body a day, then the muscles don't have time to recover. 
    Also, as everyone else has been saying, eat healthy! If you eat a pizza, then go work out, you aren't doing your body ANY justice. You're just starving yourself of nutrients. 
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    Your workout is well for the fitness. 
    Eat protein based foods to burn the fat not muscles. 
    Natural protein foods along with raw veggies foods work effectively to lose the weight. 
    This food lose the weight by burning the fat and controlling the cholesterol level. 
    Adam Prowse
  7. Could be both. And it might be due to stress as well. Don't stress over it, and if it really is that bad, do a few pushups and bodyweight squats when you wake up in the morning. I get in exercise during the day. Like deadlifting or rowing cases of beer when I am at the supermarket shopping, or doing some pullups if I walk by some scaffolding.
  8. I want to, but I always break down and end up weighing after a couple days! I tend to get a bit obsessed with the scale, so I think it would be good for me to take a break from it. Maybe I'll put it in the basement or something...
  9. Well did you're diet change?
    Are you eating 4-5 a day?
    Are you staying up much later?
    Are you sitting on your ass all day?
    Are you stressing a lot?
    If you say yes to most of them I would have to say you're losing muscle, glycogen, and water stored in the muscles.  Newly gained muscles take a while for it to become "mature" and whenever your body becomes catabolic your muscles are first to go. You betta belie dat
  10. Unless you are overtraining, you're losing fat.

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