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  1. Okay guys, the past week has not gone so well for me. Monday I went to the mall shitfaced with some friends. We went to a headshop and I bought some chicken for like $5. Now, I had $50 in my pocket, but when I got home all I had was a couple of coins. Shit. Okay, well, lesson learned I guess. I was kinda mad about losing $40 but I was drunk so it must've just fell out of my pockets. Fast forward 2/3 days. I buy an eighth and an edible from my dealer. It was $50 in total and I had three 20's so he gave me a 10 back. I go outside to smoke a bowl, come back in and reach in my pocket. The $10 I put in my pocket not even 20 minutes ago disappeared. "What the fuck?" I'm thinking to myself. I normally wouldn't be that mad, but considering I lost $40 just days prior I was pretty upset. Fast forward another 2 days. I buy a strip of unmentionables for $85. Back at my house that night I had six friends over and we got high. Now, my memory of the night is hazy enough as it is, but from what I remember, I: had the unmentionable out on the kitchen table. We were going out to smoke again so I (at least I think) put it in my pocket and we went outside. We were fucking around and running around and doing all sorts of weird and funny shit, but when we were done we went back in to make the pizza. I check my pocket. Do I even need to write what comes next? Well, guess what, ITS NOT FUCKING THERE. Me and a friend tried out best with a flashlight to retrace our steps, but to no avail. I doubt any of my friends took it, but who knows. The one upside to all that is when we got in the car to go to mcdonalds later that night, I found $10 in my driveway. But still, a pretty big bummer...

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  2. You suck at money bro.
  3. Damn, none of the headshops around me sell chicken, I think I need to move.
  4. Fried chicken sounds good
  5. Do you have a hole in your pockets?

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    Get a wallet
    and maybe new pants
  7. Smoking to much manye. I would've been pisses about the unmentionables though.

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  8. "Oh shit, man...He's high, grab the dough and act like nothin' happened, dog, trust me." :cool:
  9. What he said. I never keep loose bills in my pocket
  10. Mmmmm head shop with one of those combo Taco bells/KFCs best business deal ever

    Anyways um a wallet may be a good idea for you
  11. If you don't have a wallet at least get a money clip.

    Stray notes in your pocket is just a recipe for disaster.
  12. Lmao for real man that headshop is ahead of the curve! Thinkn outside the bun! Theyre innovating the stoner world as we know it!!
  13. Yah go buy a wallet?
  14. Me too man, irritating Af.
    Especially if your on the way to the next re up 😩😔
  15. Wallets are definitely helpful.

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  16. I agree. I'm a girl and I got a mighty wallet- they're cool!

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  17. Probably a good idea to get a wallet, especially when you are fucked up lol and don't carry unmentionables around in your pockets! Always have a secure container in a pocket with a zipper. Drugs are too expensive for all that careless nonsense lol

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  18. In all seriousness your pockets are probably too small and maybe loose so things just fall out

    Stop carrying shit in your pockets!

    Stash your drugs and wallet them notes dude!
  19. Lol thanks for the advice guys I have a wallet just for some reason don't use it

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