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losing stuff when your high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by triplecde, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Hi, Firstly I just want to say I enjoy smoking weed mostly joints, mostly when im out driving.

    Recently I went on a t-break for 2 months, I didn't intend on stopping for so long but had to because of personal problems.

    Now im smoking again but I find it so annoying that im always losing stuff, I know I get so high its easy to lose things but I found myself parked up searching the whole car for a a bag of weed I had lost, took me 20 long minutes if not longer to find it in the end, It was so annoying when I realised where it was.

    Its not the first time I had lost something this was the 3rd time in a row (had lost my keys before found them the next day, i lost my phone but just called it with a friends phone and found it)

    I would like to ask how do people try to not let these type of things get in the way of enjoying your high. When I lose something I have to stop and find it, is anyone else like this too?
  2. It only happens to me when i smoke at my own house but i always lose something and then find if later.
  3. every time i smoke in my car.. i lose the bag of weed.

    obviously it's somewhere in the car. i look EVERYWHERE for it.

    and then i look in the place it ALWAYS is.

    it fell off my lap and down to my feet.
  4. I used to lose my lighter all the fucking time while hitting pipes it was insane and every time it was in arms reach. Anyway I use a vape now, you can't lose that!
  5. i always put my shit up in random ass places so i can never find them the next morning.
  6. i lost my bike yesterday, i was too lazy to lock it up so i put it outside leaning on the window at jimmy johns. then i left and forgot i put it there, came back 20 mintues later it was gone. i live a half mile from the west side of chicago so it was pretty stupid to leave it unlocked. at least it wasn't a really nice bike
  7. To prevent losing shit when high just always put your things back in the same spot. That's what I do and I don't lose shit.

  8. thats what im doing now nice one cuzzy
  9. I lost my GTA IV copy high.... That shit sucked.
  10. I lost my weed to the wind one day. F***in' Chicago. Never roll outside.
  11. When there was a couple feet of snow i had woken up one morning to realize my wallet pipe scale and phone were all missing. Im freaking out, call my buddy asking him what happened. apparently i was falling over and shit i had been smoking and washing it down with unmentionables lol, so i walked through this park i though we might have crossed through. sure enough next to a big imprint of where i had fallen was all the stuff i had lost. Seriously this was one of the luckiest situations.
  12. This works weather your high or not, i been doing this for about 8 years because i had a problem with losing things as a kid
  13. You should probably just give it to me.
  14. I always lose my damn lighter. Which is why whenever I smoke with people wether it be at my house or friends, I never pull out my lighter haha. I make sure they use there own instead
  15. I always get super baked then hide my shit when I'm done. Then the next day ill forget where I put it and search for like 20 minutes >.<

    Ima have to start putting it in the same spot lol
  16. I haven troubles opening things I spent a half hour opening a bag of hot dogs.
  17. I usually just say fuck it and keep smoking.
  18. only thing i lose is my mind
  19. I used to get paranoid and hide my smoking stuff in crazy places then forget where. Sometimes I put my lighter in my back pocket after smoking, then wanna smoke more and frantically look for it thinking I would never put it in my back pocket lol.

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