Losing my mind and money. Help?

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  1. I have about $1,700 left in my bank account right now and I've been unemployed and looking for work for about 3 months. Nobody else in my family can help me but my mom; i live with my dad who's in debt right now and can barely help himself. I've no car, no money for college, almost nobody is hiring around here right now. I am NOT joining the military and I can't be out too long after sunset or before sunrise. It's pretty dangerous arund where I live and crime's been escalating[I'm a small female and would rather not take that risk]. I'm still sending in applications everywhere I can. 
    I want  so badly to run away right now, but I know that that'll only bring more troubles and won't solve anything. 
    DO NOT suggest that I get a sugardaddy or some stupid shit like that cuz that is disgusting. Never will I sell myself short like that.

  2. Go to school get a career not a job
    if youve been trying for 3 months and not found a job, that means there are no jobs to be found.
    try some other way to make money or go some other place
  4. You should look into one of those traveling salesperson jobs where you travel the state and hack whatever goods the company has, I know some peeps that used to sell knife sets and made pretty good money doin it
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    Look on craigslist for underpriced jewelry and scrap it...
    Hunt garage sales and Flea Markets for missed or overlooked Gold and silver Jewelry and "Objects d' art"
    You would be shocked at how much money that you can make if you learn what to look for and what sells well regularly. If you aren't into the whole online selling of items, find metals under value, and scrap them....
    I would get familiar with gold and silver market values, and maybe take like 3-500 and invest in "scrap and junk" broken and scrap gold, and buy low enough to sell on ebay or take out the good items and sell online...Find a reputable person who buys gold and silver, pays from 70-90% closer to a refiners prices and work on that for the time being...I will say this much...2 years ago I found 5 forks that were silver, and paid 5 dollars (their asking price)  for them.. Silver was high then and they scraped out at about 350...Ever since then...I have been doing the very same thing, hunting down items, buying for low, and selling for market or higher, and am so busy IDK what to do with my self...The money is good if you do it right, and it can be something that is very thrilling.
  6. use that money for a car, first of all.
  7. You could go to college if u want, u could claim yourself nd take out a full loan so your full program is covered over the 2-4yrs instead of doing it every semester...or of your not sure bout that still u could go to a trade school(usually lasts anywhere from a month to a year depending what u go for) but it's almost a guaranteed career

    If your in America like myself the job market sucks ball so shoot for more career like to get you to where u wanna be in life

    hope some of this advice helps

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    Can't. Need it for food, supplies, and emergencies if one is to happen. It's all I've got and I want to save as much as possible to move out of this place to where I'm better off.
  9. If you live anywhere near a city or downtown area you should try looking for a restaurant job. It's hard dirty work, but the money is as pretty good as it gets in early twenties or without an education. Restaurant have huge employee turnover rates so they are always looking for people to host, bus, food run, serve, cook, etc. the possibilities are endless

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    Sell everything you do have besides a computer and your phone and buy a train ticket to somewhere. Find someone renting a room on craigslist for a couple hundred bucks, Start doing odd jobs on craigslist and youll make the connections you need to survive.
    Pittsburg is in a tech revival right now,
    Dont come to Cali you wont be able to afford to survive here. period.
    Lotta midwest states are having there main cities transforming into new tech hubs. Do some research pick a place and just.. go.
  11. If i had stayed in my home town id probably be working at the movie theatre, or six flags, or who the fuck knows where..
    But i asked all my friends parents for work.. got hooked up.. worked for free for a month.. Moved into a motorhome in the greater LA area and 3 years later im sitting in my store that i personally own posting this post. 
    The world is literally full of surprises. But they wont find you. you have to find them.
  12. $1700 can start a decent grow.
    Been makin about $5k a month off my grow.

    If ya can't grow, buy a car with your money, then find a job in driving distance.

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  13. But she's may not be able to grow nor have the connections to sell. My suggestion is to look elsewhere for jobs. It's hard to find a job anywhere.
  14. What ever you do stay off of my corner!
  15. I can't offer any wisdom over your financial issues, lifestyle, or career. But I will say that I know you're stressed out; I've been at rock bottom too. We all have. But right now, you've got tunnel vision. You think everything around you is just crumbling, but it's not. Don't do anything that's a resort of depression, but understand that things aren't truly as bad as they seem. Everything that's weighing you down -- your stress, anxiety, depression, fear, humiliation -- it's all driving you crazy, and your mind is cooking up terrible thoughts.
    Quick money is hard to come by, and even harder to keep. I'm not suggesting you find a sugar daddy and to sell yourself out, but try to find a companion that can help you out. An old friend or relative who lives in a safe place and is able to assist you until you get on your feet maybe.
    I know being told to "Lighten up" won't help, so instead I'm gonna tell you to try and remove the things that stress you out from your life at the moment. Don't abandon those things, just deal with those problems when you have the capability to. Facing them head on right now is going to kill you softly.
    Best of luck. I'm honestly sorry that's all I can offer, I know that being trapped in a corner is the worst emotion you could feel.
  16. Use the 1700 to open a bikini massage clinic.
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    Whoaaah, relax there. Why don't you find work in another state or country via the interweb? It's easy as fuck.
    Yeah you're not gonna be paid shit tonnes of money, but it sounds like you need to get out of where you're at and need somewhere to stay. So, yeah, do it up.
  18. i would get a vehicle
  19. Straight up answer.

    Go work the Oil Fields in North Dakota/Montana

    It's the new gold rush

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