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  1. I am so done with this auto flower! She shows deficiencies, i up the nutes -- i up the nutes, her tips burn up! Basically this is the cycle i have been going through over the last 3 weeks, and as you can see shes looking pretty bashed around now... I didn't order auto-flower seeds for this very reason! (bonza buggered up my order)
    So here i am, desperately hoping one of you can tell me exactly what the bloody hell i should be feeding this picky bitch of a plant x|
    I just wanna make it to harvest and be done.
    Last feed (general hydroponics flora trio) was:
    (to the gallon)
    .8ml gro, 1.6ml micro, 2.4ml bloom + 2ml calmag
    Ph'd this to 6.0

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  2. Howdy Radagast :wave:
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  3. Fuck autos lol. Id say it looks like a minor nitrogen problem but i wouldnt say defo as iv never grown autos.
  4. Had a similar thing during flowering with my NL auto. I just did a big 6 day flush (flood the medium every 2 days) and I let the deficiency ride out for another 6 days until the soil was completely dry again. Then I dosed half of my normal amount of both bloom & vege and gave them a feed. But it looks like you're nearing the end so it might just be a case of flushing and letting it be deficient until you harvest.

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  5. That's interesting, she doesn't have ANY amber pistols yet; is this a strain trait? How did yours look by harvest?

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