Losing it when the time is right.

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  1. So ive been smoking about 2-5 times per week since june of this year and a new problem has arised just this week. The past two times ive TRIED to have sex with my girlfriend it takes some coaxing to get up and then once it is in... it practically dies. This majorly devasted me the second time because i thought the first time was just a random thing, i just cant understand why this is suddenly happening. Im a very fit 19 yr old male that use to have the sex-drive to go all night and now i suddenly just don't care about it anymore. My daily thoughts about sex have almost completely cleared out and i havent noticed morning wood in about a week (which is very un-normal for me). The second time it happened i vowed to completely stop smoking (for now), which im holding up to.

    I have particpated in a new smoking circle twice in the prior few weeks where ive became so "out-there" that i couldnt stand nor open my eyes for atleast 45 minutes. I only went twice and im hoping that it may be the cause of this problem.

    If anyone has ANYTHING to help me out please dont hesitate to reply.
  2. Do you still have a strong urge to masturbate? If not then something must seriously be wrong.
  3. not really... i did last night just to see if it was even possible... it was but not like it use to be.
  4. Well there are only two reasons. One is psychological and one is physiological. There are penile bands that you can get from your doctor that you can wrap around your penis overnight. If the band breaks than you get nocturnal erections. If not, then there is something physiologically wrong with you.

    Any other factors can decrease sex drive. Depression, stress, anxiety. Ask yourself if you are going through any of this.
  5. alright thanks. do you know if smoking could be related in any way?
  6. It's as easy as not busting a nut for 2 weeks...if you still don't get wood...learn to take it up the butt?! :confused_2:
  7. Stop smoking weed. It's quite obvious you just don't give a shit about having sex, which is understandable when your smoking good weed. You need to get those testorone levels up again. Start hitting the gym too, it doesn't matter how FIT you are, if you don't feel fit, you won't act fit, you won't be fit. But you still will be fit, Jesus fuck im baked.
  8. I don't think its the weed. if anything weed would help you. go find some crazy porn that turns you on like crazy, but don't beat off. just sit there. let your wood get so large and hard that it feels as if your dick might burst. then call your girl over and make sweet, passionate love.
  9. Will do... doctors orders right? haha. thanks everyone.
  10. she unfortunatly lives out of town... and id hate to rely on that every time. at first smoking made me go forever... so maybe it just farther and turned me off completely. idk... opinion?
  11. Like i said, you tend to lose your inhibitions, or things that you deem important in your life when your smokin' dope. Try it and see how you feel, but i already know you'll be a fuckin machine if you do decide to quit.

    Sorry, dont view it as quitting. Just tell yourself your taking a break, no big deal and will toke later on. By the sounds of it, it's time for a tolerance break anyways.
  12. Just pop the blue pill (Viagra) trust me, your g/f will love it,

    I gave one to one of my younger friends who has been married for a few years, and wanted to impress his wife, well that turned out to be a big mistake, he remained rock hard for 3 days, he even had to call in sick to work for those 3 days, because and he couldn't come down.

    needless to say, his wife loved it, but imagine having to call in to work sick and explaining to your boss that you have a hard on, and it won't come down, and then when you return to work, everyone has that "Smirk" on their face.:D

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