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  1. I am feeling disconnected more and more everyday. I feel as if I can't connect with people anymore. It's a feeling of distrust. I feel as if they couldn't possibly understand what it's like.

    I have 2 or 3 close friends, other than that I can't seem to interact with someone new for more than the necessary time needed to perform a task, such as a person in class or cashier. I am extremely shy in addition.

    I am losing interest in all of my hobbies. I don't feel as if they are fun anymore, even when high.....which as I should mention is pretty much all the time.

    And for all of you out there saying take a break, I have. They work in the physical aspect. But I feel as if the state of distance remains.

    As I go back to my kief sesh, :bongin: [5}
  2. somewhat the same, however i don't have much problems holding a conversation with a cashier or anything. all my bros went off to college and i'm just left behind, i barely know anyone in this town anymore except for my dealer.

    maybe it's time for a change. move somewhere (my plan), army, whatever. it's up to you
  3. since your losing interest in all your hobbies, why not get a new, time consuming hobby?

    Learn a language
    Learn a trade
    work-out all summer and get jacked

    just need something to keep your mind off of losing interest in life.
  4. take a week off smoking and get your head straight. despite what the e-thugs say, weed CAN cloud your mind a little (especially when you're smoking kief bowls to stay high)... you just dont realize it til your 100% sober.
  5. You guys are all potheads.
  6. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
  7. I say stop smoking for a bit and get some exercise. Go lift weight, play basketball, golf, whatever. Find the key factors that are making you feel down. Is it your career, friends, family? If you find any of these segments are bringing you down, make a change.
  8. start taking heroin, observe your life gain a purpose.

    honestly though, i'm pretty much in the same boat as you, i guess its a pretty common situation around this stage in life, like the others say you basically just have to find distractions (hobbies). the gym also helps a lot, gives you goals and focus, a place to meet people, and makes you feel happier/confident being you as well, so is worth a shot.
  9. 20, but i cant seem to find any new interests. i dont know what i like either. i feel so in the dark
  10. Do something spectacular before it's too late.
  11. I feel ya man. Work on your shyness. I remember when I overcame mine it was like someone opened a whole new world to me lol. Defiantly worth the all the work it took.

    If your losing interest in your hobbies pick yup a new one. Take the summer to get in shape, working out always makes you feel good about yourself. Get a gym membership, that is a great place to meet new friends.
  12. you haven't even lived life yet, what're you losing intrest in man?, chin up
  13. its called life... not vacation. shits never easy. people jump ship, go back on what they say, lie. just live. enjoy every breathe and meditate. something will come to you that you want to get into. whenever I have nothing to do, I move on and find something new.
  14. Have you taken a 2 week+ break? Change up your diet and exercise.

    What did you like to do before you started losing interest?

    Go to the library and find books that interest you.

    Get a job. Ride a bike somewhere in nature, hike, take a walk. There are so many things to do in this world. Get on the internet and find new things to do.

    If you're smoking all the time, you're probably using it as a crutch since nothing else interests you. That is what I was doing when I had depression. You just have to get out and do something.
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    I think you're having your "Quarter-life crisis." It's actually really common among people around your age. I definitely can relate to some of the things you're reporting, and I'm 20 myself.

    Realize that your number one priority in life should be happiness, especially at such a young age. Stop and smell the roses, and TRY to enjoy the positive, fun things in life. You have all of adulthood to worry about all of that other crap :)

    Quarter-life crisis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  16. I've been going through the same thing man, i used to love video games and I invested a majority of my time into them.. but as of late.. I could careless to play.

    Now I'm just trying to find other things to do and try to bring my creative aspects out. Somethings that I have tried doing are:
    -Creating Music with my Maschine and Turntables.
    -Finding cool shit to put in my place
    -Working out
    -Hiking and trying to reconnect with the environment
    -Going through old stuff (lego's, G.I. Joe's, Old video game console's, Pictures)
    -Getting out for the sole reason to just observe the world around you.

    To be honest just try to do as many different things that you possibly can. Live for you. Make yourself happy. No one else is going to do it for you.
    In 10 years from now.. how do you want to remember the life you lived?
  17. very good advice. I will try something like this.
  18. Instruments bro! I have a bass, guitars and a drumset and I just dont know what life would be like without.. specially good for if you spend a lot of time at home. Also makes it easier to connect with people because lots of people love music and play instruments. If two people play guitar they can look at each other smile and have that bond.
  19. The only way things are going to change is if you do something about it. Feeling sorry for yourself is only going to make you feel worse. Go out more, work, get some new hobbies and get out of the house! You have to make things happen if you want a different life. I know it's easier said than done but I moved 7 hours away from all of my friends and family with my husband. I didn't know a soul out here and he travels for work so I was alone in a new city for a few months. I made friends and forced myself to go out even though I felt depressed. So get out there and do something with your life, you only have one dude.

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