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  2. Plenty of women don't go for the hot guy that's something girls do, but most will grow out of it. The only thing i can think of is maybe you should join some social groups at school and you never know atleast one of them might be a smoker. Oh and try other dating sites and keep pof you never know someone might contact you down the line. try out ok cupid or all the free ones I guess. just try and get as much exposure as you can.
  3. Well you aren't as mature as you say if you still call girls sluts. You also aren't very mature if you still believe in shit like friendzoning. Slut shaming and friendzoning is stuff that guys believe in because they feel if a girl doesn't want them, it's the girls fault and not theirs.
    Instead, you could try re-evaluating your view on yourself and how to respond to the opposite sex in relationships. What do you want in a relationship? What do you expect? Odds are she expects the exact same things. But also remember that nobody owes you shit in life. Including girls that you are nice too, because it seems most think that just acting like a decent person gives them entitlement over things when no that isn't how it works.
    I think you'd find company on OKcupid, or at least internet fame if your profile is screencapped.
  4. @[member="Digu Miki"]
    Pretty sure friendzoning and sluts exist.
    And I'm pretty sure that Slut-shaming is a real thing too, but I guess it's your word against mine now. Good luck on finding a girl who doesn't think youre "just a friend." :smoke:
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    I mean I just gave you advice on how to fix this problem you have. Sorry that my age seems to match up how much I know about dating but I mean I am a female and I have a bf, so I guess my advice on this matter would be wanted but since you can't take honest and real advice if it offends you, you can choose to do so.
    Also, name calling and telling people what to do on the internet usually doesn't work on making a point.
  8. Don't lose hope.  Girls to tend to love douchebags though :/ idk why, but they do. It really sucks but you'll find someone who appreciates you.  Try going for girls you usually wouldn't go for (not ugly ass chicks, but just girls you usually wouldn't hang with) and that's how you'll find someone with a great personality.
  9. I never name called. I said you acted like an asshole. There's a difference.
    Hm... Friend-zoning is quite real but the convention of "sluts" is up for debate.
  11. There are indeed girls like that. Just have to put yourself out there when the opportunity arises. When you least expect it is when you should expect it :smoking:
  12. fat chicks have the best personalities...that's why i "friend zone" them right away.  i aint trying to get any husky girls hopes up
  13. here's a huge tip: be yourself
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    OP, girls like guys with higher social value than themselves. Looks are not as important as charisma, though obviously the girl wants someone who looks cool (lose wieght, workout, wear hip clothes, etc.). If you look like a dweeb, yes, it will be harder to game women. But the most important thing is your social value. Do you know how to have fun? Are you sociable? Are you valued by other women? Are you confident enough to attract women? Can you lead? These are the things that subconsciously matter to women (which is why they love badboys). Instead of trying to impress women, your mindset should be on giving them an opportunity to chill with you. In other words, don't treat their attention as a favor. Be interested in having fun and entertaining yourself, rather than giving a fuck what they think. Don't compliment too much and tease her as a means of flirting. The best places to get women are clubs/bars or malls/public areas.
    Edit: BTW, one reason you may fail is because you're taking it too seriously. Like you said, you're past casual sex, but at our age (I'm 21 too), most girls aren't looking for anything that serious and being romantic and shit comes off as clingey/creepy. Girls don't want a white knight. They don't want to be saved. I know a lot of guys like you that have your windset and guess what? They never get girls. Why? Because that shit is a turnoff to girls. My friends that only want to get laid have a much higher success rate because women want what they can't have. Throw "true love" out of the window and have fun while you're young. You'll have plenty of time to get serious later in life.
    While I agree that "slut" is a stupid and sexist term, the friendzone doesn't imply that the girl should not friend a guy, it mostly implies that the guy has failed to make it past just friends. Thus, the friendzone (obviously) exists.
  16. A lot of people around your age aren't ready for a relationship or don't want one either they just livin' life. I'm 23 I don't want a relationship at all, no need for that in my life right now. But I'll date around with girls, mess around, but mainly just like to focus on doing me and enjoying my life like that. 
    At the same time you do bring up a good point girls go for assholes all the time, not sure why. They claim to want nice guys, but then pass on the real nice guys. In the end its their loss.
    What are your reasons for wanting a relationship OP? 
    Companionship, intimacy, and love.
  18. You'll find love by accident. Don't go looking for it. That usually leads to trying to force a longterm relationship and bad decisions.
  19. OP you will meet the right one, just give it time. Myself however I have been alone so long I have gotten use to it :cry:.
  20. Friend-zoning is a thing.
    Sluts are a thing.
    Players are a thing.
    Douchebags are a thing.
    Bitches are a thing.
    You're the one putting the negative stigma to the word "slut." I see the word and think; "Huh, a girl that has game. Good for her." 
    Before posting again, let's try and leave out the emotional attachment which results in you bashing OP & everyone else within the thread, mmkay?

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