Losing Friends To The Law

Discussion in 'General' started by BobbyBanana404, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Two more of my friends got arrested. One 17 and the other 18. The 17 year old was on probation, and got sent right away not expected back till he's 18. The 18 year old got charged with a class C felony and is facing 5 years in jail and a 5,000 doller fine. These guys make it 4 friends already gone and 4 waiting for their sentence. Either I'm really lucky or their all idiots(or both). Shit sucks but what can you do...anyone else lose friends to the law somewhere along the line?
  2. My closest homie is doin 4-20 years in Jackson, MI prison for gun charges. And the shit of it all is I should be sittin in there next to him, but like a true friend when he got caught he kept his mouth shut and took it all on himself, so when he gets out he's gonna come live at my house and we are gonna blaze some "cannon" blunts.
  3. Family hurts more. Shits sucks.

    My cousin who was like my older bros gone for 20 years on distrubution of cocaine charges.

    And losing homies to the game is one reason i quit hanging with homies. I aient gettin caught up in that shit.
  4. My uncle is serving a life bid in cali ... shit sucks.

    I lost alotta friends to Over doses & jail.
  5. my friends looking at a least 8 years; he got arrested like 2-3 weeks ago. real shitty..

  6. That's how it goes. But I agree. It's a domino effect, and I'd much rather step out of line the be the next one to fall...
  7. same my old dealer who's my good friends older brother got arrested, and his older bro got arrested also. he was gunna quit the game soon also :'(
  8. Dam I guess a lot of people have lost friends/family to the law. Worst part about it i think is the fact that you can't do anything about it.
  9. my best friend who ive grown up with and taught how to grow/participated in large grows together, got busted in chicago in '99, he's still locked up and has another 60 days thank god i never fucked with snitches or i'd be right there next to em, hes got enough evidence to put me away for a long time!!!
    its funny though, in high school i was the dope dealer makin all the cash living flashy, then in the end this guy, who i taught everything, ends up making the BIG bucks, buuuut, as with all illegal money making schemes, it didnt last, and he got popped, i just thank god everyday he didnt rat me out!!! i guess watchin goodfellas for years finally got that thought threw his head.

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