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Losing a new connect? What happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeaveAndWish, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys, I recently had a bit of a confusing moment with a "hook-up". So I got in contact with this guy that grows. He has a guy near where I live and he helps him sell. So he gets me in contact with this guy. And we kind of talk for a bit so he can see if I'm cool. Well after he discusses meeting up and that I sound fine and all that. Gave me his name and I gave him a day to meet. We even had a decent talk.

    Well, you can only buy an ounce at a time and I didn't have enough so I was trying to find a friend to give me half so I could get the full ounce (not bringing friend with me). So with this problem I didn't have the money over the period we were supposed to meet so I kind of let it hang for a week. I then attempted to get back in contact with said person and he wouldn't answer. In fact, he sent it to voicemail after the first few rings. I tried calling about once every two days.

    I then try getting ahold of the first guy. No reply. Then another try. No reply. Then a third and he finally said "sorry man, he said no. I can't really help." Which really confused me. What had I done for a yes to turn to a no? I tried finding out what had happened but I haven't heard from him since.

    This greatly irritates me. I had a nice hook-up that was going along smoothly. I don't have the money so I wait and then boom. No more contact. I haven't told anyone about anything other than "hey give me 150 if you want a half of weed." I just don't get it...

    So I was wondering if any of you could maybe make sense of these events. Maybe suggest me something to do? Anything would help.
  2. Maybe he just got paranoid idk
  3. To be honest, you should probably just seek out something new. Seems like the dude has some things going on thats preventing him from helping you out.
  4. Yeah, he is only into people who are serious with buying more than just tiny bags, you let him hang the FIRST time after setting up a time, therefore you lost any chance of him giving you another chance.

    First impression is everything, just imagine if you had your shit together and was able to cop a zip, you'd be a lot better off.

  5. Dude...I wasn't trying to buy tiny bags. I was trying to get more money to buy the ounce. I had half...
  6. i suggest next time you buy an oz you actually have the cash ready lol. but yah you set up a time to meet, didnt meet him, and didnt bother to tell him you werent going to or anything. and also didn't apologize for ditching him from the sounds of it (you let it "hang" in your words). first impressions are important man.

  7. Yeah but that's why I try to get ahold of him again. To apologize. But he never answered...
  8. I'm quite aware what you were purchasing, because I read your original post, but thanks.

    A half, or even an ounce, isn't a big bag to someone selling for a grower. You didn't have your shit together, that's what a serious person wants. Nothing is more annoying than someone saying "Yo I got 294, can I owe you 6 next time?". You got lucky getting so close to the grower, and you failed to show you were ready to do serious business. Sorry if that isn't the answer you were looking for.
  9. Yeah if you just let him show up and you never showed which it sounds like then i really don't see why you are asking this question or why you would be mad its all your fault i would be pissed if i were him and not deal with you either.

  10. I doubt he just didn't show up, but if someone called me saying "yo nevermind I don't have the money" after acting like they did, setting shit up, and using my time.

    What if he turned away other sales because he had the bag with your name on it OP? I'd tell you to fuck right off.

  11. lol. If you actually read my first post to full comprehension you would see that your entire post is wrong. I wasn't trying to buy a half. I was getting an ounce. Like he was selling. I was not trying to do IOU's at all. I never offered to pay below the cost. So I don't understand where you're getting these random assumptions. I waited liked maybe 2 days after the call to say I would be able to meet. But no answer.

    Also, I the grower put me in contact with the guy. Meaning I gave him my number and he called me. I didn't decide to get in contact with him at that time. I just set up a date I thought I could make.

  12. No. You understand wrong. We never had a set place. It wasn't like he went somewhere and waited. I just said "Yeah, I'll probably be able to go around the WEEKEND" meaning I gave a general time I would be able to go. We had no plans at where or when to meet at that point. Jeez.
  13. That guy was interested in looking for someone to pick up steadily most likely. Growers do not like dealing with the consumers. I'm not surprised he didn't go through after you set up the deal and then didn't go through. While it wasn't your intention to keep him hanging, he's likely just looking for someone that he doesn't gotta really deal with any hassle, just selling the bag and him waiting for him to want more.

    These guys would much rather have a reliable connect that they might not make as much money off of, but they are always going to be able to sell to. Picking up from suppliers has it's benefits (low prices), but they take their job far more seriously than your standard pot dealer.
  14. Jesus, fucking, christ. Do I need to put this in a picture book for you to get it?

    I COMPREHENDED your OP. Yes, you WANTED a full OZ, you only had enough for a HALF (50% OF IT) ounce. I COMPLETELY understand this. Your situation is not CONFUSING, although someone of your caliber obviously sees it this way.

    It's been explained to you, and you find ways to try and wiggle out of explanations. I didn't assume there was an IOU situation, I was comparing your quality of people with others that pull that kind of shit, to explain why he wouldn't bother with you after your initial introduction (a non-impressive one, at that)

    Maybe he just doesn't deal with you because you act like this.

    Everyone in this thread doesn't "understand" fully, right OP? You must be right.. after all, you're the one asking for advice.
  15. Did you call him and say "dude, I don't have enough cash, can we reschedule?" or just leave him hanging? Defining factor!

  16. No man, I wasn't dealing with the grower. It was with the friend of the grower. The grower just got me in contact with him.
  17. Growers don't fuck around. They get paranoid as fuck really easy.

  18. damn why did you not put that in the op and instead put this "So with this problem I didn't have the money over the period we were supposed to meet so I kind of let it hang for a week" JEEEEEEEEZ!!!!!!

    well don't buy weight you cannot afford you still left him hanging either way and don't blame the guy one bit just move on dude!

  19. What the hell? If you get it. Then WHY do you continue to say stupid shit like "oh I only have xxx can I get the rest to you later?" Why do you say that? That's completely NOT the situation. The problem isn't my ability to understand. It's you saying stupid shit trying to be funny.

  20. No one is trying to be funny. I'm trying to explain to you how he sees it.

    You're just defensive because you kind of look like a bitch now :[
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