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Los Angeles Lakers

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by dram2410, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. I don't like to think of us as the heat. Heat was more like "aw shit man we gonna crush anyone!" "3 peat or bust!" I think the lakers built an actual TEAM and not just 2 superstars and a dinosaur.
  2. Everyone on the team is a superstar, besides for metta and he plays defense like a super star. Plus if dwight stays we will only have this same lineup for 2 or three years.
  3. I like that starting line-up. Also Jamison, and Hill are going to play nice roles off the bench.
  4. No, the Heat was a wannabe Lakers of the East. Shit they didn't even exist until the last decade of the LAST century. The Lakers have been around since 1947.
  5. Where would Howard go?

  6. :confused: this has nothing to do with why I said we are the heat of the west now

  7. Brooklyn is a big one, I don't see him leaving but you never know with that guy now a days.
  8. Yeah I understand. But la is as big of a market as ny and the lakers have said they will build around him. He will have a say in his teammates with the lakers. He would be dumb to leave la. In his interviews he has said he's in love with the city and the people here love him. I think he's here for good. I hope.... Lol
  9. [quote name='"WildWill"']So is this the new starting lineup?

    SG - Kobe
    PG - Nash
    C - Howard
    F - Pau
    F - Metta World Peace[/quote]

    All star team
  10. He lives in la. That's why I always thought he would come here he loves the city.

  11. except for metta world peace. and nash is probably the 3rd best pg in his own conference (cp3 and westbrook)
  12. Except our pieces fit perfectly. Our four best players' games compliment each other very well, whereas Miami just overwhelms you with talent.

    I'm still a bit worried about our outside shooting despite the new additions... still feel we need another SF who could shoot the 3 consistently. Hopefully Ron can be that guy though. He shot it very well post ASB when he was finally healthy... and he is supposedly in the best shape he's been since his DPOY season.

    Don't forget Meeks! He's gonna build himself a nice little house in the corner and launch uncontested threes all day.

  13. Mitch Kupchak has the strongest pimp hand in the league.

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