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Los Angeles City Council moves to plug loophole in new dispensary moratorium

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by WildWill, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. The City Council has FINALLY put a motion forward (and approved it actually) to remove the so-called "hardship" language from the moratorium passed several years ago which banned any new Medical Marijuana dispensaries from opening after November of 2007 within the city.

    Since that date over 500 "hardship" applications have been acquired, and almost 300 of them have been filed. Not a single hardship application has been approved, yet those filing the applications were told by attorneys that as long as they filed they could open, actually bypassing several other mandates of the city, including having proper business permits and tax certificates.

    Here is the link to the motion:
    LA City Motion: Striking Medical Marijuana Dispensary Hardship Exemptions

    Basically, this paves the way for the City Attorney's office to start filing closure orders on the almost 300 dispensaries that are now operating illegally.

    SO: if your club opened in Los Angeles AFTER 2007, they're going to be closed.
  2. Ugh... :(

    On July 20th they are having a hearing to cap the maximum amount of patients a caregiver can have at 5. This will shut down all the dispensaries in Colorado and seriously hinder legal growing here.

    Sorry to hear... I'm confident that the growers and club owners will find a solution.
  3. I don't see any of this as a bad thing to be honest - I don't know enough about the Colorado situation to have an intelligent opinion though.

    But the L.A. issue finally being addressed. There's SOOOOOO many new dispensaries popping up that it's become scary, and I know for a fact that most of them are nothing more than pseudo-legal drug dealers who don't care one iota about the MMJ movement.
  4. Agreed, but there are definitely legitimate operations that are going to be affected by this. People will always game the system. This is really the city's fault for not actually processing or ruling on any of the applications.
  5. Well, the vetting process is going to begin today, with 16 of the hundreds of hardship cases expected to be heard. I'll be VERY curious as to how many get approved (my guess is none).

    I would agree that there MAY be some legitimate MMJ distributors that will be affected, but if they truly are legitimate, then their hardship should be approved, no?

    In any case, here's the latest news:

  6. the one on lincoln and rose just opened thoooo
  7. good. i'd like to see it all legal. good luck guys. cali doing things right is a big step for the rest of us.
  8. Then it's operating under the hardship clause, which just got removed. We'll know in a little while what they intend on doing about those clubs.
  9. WOAH, as expected, the City Council denied EVERY application heard today, there were 14 originally who were to be heard, but 2 decided to pull their applications. The votes weren't even close either, they were all unanimous.

    Now there are at least 14 clubs operating illegally in Los Angeles. It may take awhile, but they will be closed.

  10. I just saw this on my local news (NBCLA 4), and I am not quite sure how to react... What are your guys' takes on this?
  11. I'm a passionate advocate for MMJ, and I think it's fantastic to be honest. I don't want to see a pot club on every corner, the amont of them is just way too much. Plus 99% of the most recent clubs opening are pretty damn shady to begin with.

    The moratorium will be up in September, though I suspect it may get extended until they're all through with the hardship applications. Once they go through all those, and the California Attorney General's guidelines are codified, we'll have much stronger dispensaries that will be iron clad legal.
  12. Dam. That sucks some major A$$. I don't think I go to any dispensary that's to brand spanking new but its always a sad day when any dispensary gets shut down. :cry:
  13. It will still be awhile before the City can get around to closing up all the illegal clubs. We'll have to wait and see what they decide to do with the moratorium. They have to realize that SOME clubs will have to stay open, but how many is the question.
  14. i wonder if dave wardins club is going to get shut down? THE WEED REPORT ahhaah
  15. haha i dont see whey this is that big of a deal. they should most of them get shut down but c'mon, LA, theirs a tonnnnssss of clubs their. its not like they wont find an alternative.

    i agree with Will though most(all) should get closed.
  16. I only advocate closing the illegal ones though, if an owner jumps through all the hoops and complies with the AG's guidelines, it's all good. We need MORE of them.
  17. Bumping Up - 18 more clubs denied hardships - closing:

    L.A. City Council committee rejects applications for 18 marijuana dispensaries | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times
    Note, Craig Ruben is Craig X, and he was WELL INFORMED that his club was doing something it shouldn't have been doing when it opened, and he's just a fool if he thinks he can get away with it.
  18. I'm glad they're shutting down these bullshit clubs. Charging 65-70 an eighth is very compassionate. LOL.

    Seriously though, hopefully now I won't have to worry about every new dispensary I register with.

    That is hoping they don't close all of them. :(. Are there any that have been open since before Nov. 2007? In the SFV, if you know, Will.
  19. Doesn't apply to the SFV, different cities. It only applies to LA City itself.

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