Los Angeles City Council dispensary shut down

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  1. Los Angeles City Council approves medical marijuana ordinance that will shut down hundreds of dispensaries | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

    The comments section is priceless-this one, for example

  2. Wow..i can't believe this is happening. Guess whose not getting re elected :rolleyes:
  3. Wow, LA is going to spend tend of millions and millions - counting all the legal challenges, on a failure campaign.

    Do they ever learn?
  4. All there gonna do is make the people that are still allowed to operate dispensarys filthy stinkin rich!.
  5. thats it. im movin to canada
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    I travel CA going to dispensaries. I'm going to say the farther south you go AKA La the shittier the dispensaries get and the shadier the owners look. Most of the dispensaries in La are just there to make money, they don't give a shit about their patients. It's just like pressure washing, it's an easy business to get into and there's lots of demand for it, but its a job that you don't have to put a lot of effort into. Just like owning a dispensary, now the people that do put in a lot of effort into it and the community are more likely to have their name/business spread around and advertised by word of mouth. I hope that a lot of these dispensaries get shut down, because there are people making a lot of money that should not be! Dispensaries are supposed to be non-profit, when I walk into a small plain dispensary and see the prices are way above normal... I wonder where is all of the extra money they're making going to?
  7. Ha! Love the comment quoted by the OP in this thread. Reminds me of a quote from the documentary "The Union": The only people that really support the marijuana prohibition are the politicians pandering to morality, and the people supplying marijuana to the black market.
  8. i saw on the news that part of the ordinance is to remove all marijuana leaf neon signs. i want one. or 10. i think there are way to many anyway.
  9. Sad day for Los Angeles.
  10. Hopefully after nov we get some sensible laws and regulations where people who want to operate mj business can do so.

    I for one do not fear profit in MJ. quite the opposite - dont properly it could be a decent shot in the arm for the economy.
  11. As so many comments pointed out, think of the rent on all those formerly empty storefronts, that alone has been a big plus for the local economy.
  12. The ordinance won't last, you guys only need 27,425 signatures to get a referendum going, get your signatures and just get rid of the ordinance.
  13. I've been very active in medical cannabis advocacy in LA for the last 2 years. I've gone to more than a dozen of public meetings about medical cannabis including speaking during public comments at City Council meetings.

    It's very interesting to hear everyone's opinions about what is happening in LA.

    I'm disheartened by this ordinance. I believe it its no good for patients. I think the city council has really made some major mistakes, no thanks to the city attorney's office. This worse part is, I don't think they know the troubles they are causing patients. They truly believe they made a good ordinance. I guess ignorance is bliss (until the reality sinks in).

    Too bad the council didn't learn from their hardship fiasco.

    I keep hearing about all these locations who are making huge profits...I don't know who these people are. Most of the people I now (who are active in the community) aren't making nearly as much money as everyone thinks they are.

    I'm lucky enough not to have to go to those kinds of locations. I know my collective donates as much money as they can back to the movement. It's cool because I feel like I am making a donation to the movement each time I get my medicine.

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