Lortab and Everclear

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Axlegear, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So. I had a Lortab about an hour and a half, two hours ago. And I want everclear.

    Now, these are 5/500 Hydrocodone/Acetametophen(APAP/Tylenol) which I know is not wise to mix.

    But, well. I'm stupid.
    Stupidity confirmed..

    What would be the safe zone?
    I was thinking 1/2 a lortab and no more than 2oz of Everclear. More/less?

    (I was planning to do this in about 3 more hours, when the lortabs have had time to fully leave)

    Advice and personal experience advised.
  2. Or should I just dump this dumb idea and mix DXM instead? That has no major liver failing contraindications, as far as my research can tell.

    And the last time, I was tripping on one teaspoon (7.5mg). If my assumption is correct, Lortabs make DXM super-strength.

    Yeah, i'm bored and experimental.
  3. Take your pills and a shot of everclear and leave it at that. 2 shots most.
  4. Yeah I've mixed alcohol with lortabs long before I knew of the danger (my fault assuming my junkie friend knew what she was talking about "oh yeah its safe just makes it hit harder:)

    Anyways I drank about 4 shots of captain before going into work then took a a 7.5. I ended up being alright (as you probably will) but obviously damage could have been done that I'll never know about.

    If you're going to do it just go very low on both ends, if you go slowly you'll probably realize you messed up long before you face serious consequences.

    But yeah obviously better to just not drink while tabs are in your system.
  5. Dude, you aren't going to kill your liver with one lortab and 4 shots. It takes extended use of the tylenol and/or liquor.

    People seriously exaggerate this shit sometimes. I don't recommend doing it, but seriously.

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