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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Blix, Jan 1, 2003.

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  1. I just saw The Two Towers last night, and I must say that while it was a fantastic movie, I have noticed a lack of something in both movies to date. For me, they just don\'t have a sense of the mythical. They\'re good movies and all, but the books are way better. I\'m probably too picky, but they just don\'t have the sense of grandeur the books do.

    Oh, and Gollum and the ents were way cool.
  2. yeah i seen it and thought it was great. I never read the books, i kinda want to now but i really don\'t got the time.
  3. Oooh you saw it already? I just got around to seeing the fellowship of the ring. MUCH better than I was anticipating.

    But really... if you think about it... the mythical just wouldn\'t seem so mythical if you lived it everyday. They\'re probably just taking it in stride in the movie for a sense of realism.

    lol yes I\'m fulla shit.

    My wife is the book buff. She regularly finds the books to be better than the movies. You can just get more descriptive in a book.

    But I just loved the movie. We need a few more up on that par these days.

    I can\'t imagine how much it costed to make the movie.

    Oh, lol. I heard on the Tonight Show (Jay Leno... hell I dont\' even know if he\'s on outside The States) when The Fellowship of The Ring
    was first coming out.

    At least one of the cast members was bitching because a lot of the others in the cast were smoking marijuana on the set.

    I think I wanna be in part 3. lol
  4. i saw the two towers the 29th. that movie kicked so much ass. the battle scenes were incredible... but then again... i never read the books. never even heard of \'em until i saw the previews for fellowship of the rings. i do wanna eventually get around to reading \'em though.
  5. two towers was probably the best movie i have ever seen just because of how amazing every part of it was done...it really made u believe it all could happen
    also the fact that i saw it when i did e for the first time....that probably made it 100 times better
  6. i have read the trilogy at least 5 times...im like that with any book or books i realy like ....i think they did a very good job with the movies so far ....im suprised they dident leave more out ...

    i wish they would have put bombadill in tho....
  7. World premiere in about 3 hours, hell ye0r.
  8. I\'ve always prefered to read after seing the movie,so i sill haven\'t read the book(s)
  9. haha, stoners
    seems like only a few people here read books? I first read that series in 6th grade and have read it a dozen times since then, and i\'m with you dirty i was really missing bombadil
  10. yea they shoulda put tom bombadil in, that woulda been sweet
  11. Yeah, I read the trilogy back in HS or College...now I\'m reading it to my kids....lol, they dig it as much as Harry Potter. (For the record, Harry Potter is great, but not on the same playing field as LOTR. However, I\'m sure to get a few jabs for daring to put Rowling in the same sentance as JRRT.)

    You\'re absolutely right about Tom Bombadil...it would have been great to include him.....however, I can see how that part of the Fellowship isn\'t essential to the plot & the movies are always simpler than books. Anyway, the I think they\'ve done an excellent job putting LOTR onto the big screen and I\'m looking forward to the Return of the King later this month!

  12. if they dident leave a few things out they wouldent have been able to extend arwen\'s part so liv could get more lines....they had to have some kind of love story ...it is hollywood....and no one elts falls in love till the end of the return of the king ...when faRIMIR MEETS eomire\'s sister.....

    opps...sorry for those of you who dont read so much.....

    oh and by the way ....frodo does not distroy the ring.....lol...hahaha fuckers...

    i cant believe this story has been arround sence before most of us here where born....lol....and some of you havent read it yet ...and are waiting till affter the movies...lol

    sorry guys i love toi read!!!!
  13. Speaking of great books....Anyone here a Patrick O\'Brien fan? You know, the author of Master & Commader....
  14. 9 days until Return Of The King

    ::does impatient \'can\'t wait for ROTK to come out\' dance::
  15. ^
    *points and laughs at his retarded dance*:p
  16. Yes, I cant fuckin wait for the last one...definetly seeing it opening day, very stoned too I might add. I also cant wait till they are all out on video, so I can take a day off and just smoke joints and watch all 3 of them in order all day, extended versions too.
  17. Oooooohh yeah, we got exactly the same plan. The day all movies come on DVD we\'re gonna fill up the fridge with beer and pizza, light the bong and (hopefully) keep it burning for the 10 hours the movie lasts...then we do it again the next day, \'cause -honestly- I\'d be proud if I could focus all the time, but that\'s gonna be a bit difficult
  18. Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow,
    Bright blue is jacket is, his boots are yellow.
    None has ever caught him yet, for Tom, he is the master:
    His songs are stronger songs, and his feet are faster

    yep..woulda been nice to have bombadil in the movie, alogn with the barrow-wights.
    Dont they haev an extended version? maybe hes in that one?

  19. i got the extended one and they left him out totaly....

    to bad..

  20. I don\'t like you

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