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  1. Hey all,

    I recently saw LotR Trilogy and fell in love with the pipes everyone was smoking. I was wondering what was a good place to buy these and if anyone has any experience with them?

    I tried google but only found one place and eBay, are there any other place?

  2. all the head shops in my town sell them...see if the GC shop has some hahahaha
  3. I been looking for a while man, saw like an offical one and it was like $400 :eek:. Was on ebay. I searched Gandalf pipe or sumit.
  4. Hahaha thats pricey ^^^ but my friend has a 2.5 almost 3 foot one he got for 100, its not OFFICIAL, buts its the same fuckin pipe hahahhaa
  5. Best bet is to go to a local headshop. I almost bought a sweet glass gandalf pipe the other day at a local headshop. It was about $50.

  6. I did, but they only sell glass, I prefer wood, just so I can feel like an elf or something haha :cool:

    Is it smooth?
  7. haha I too love the gandalf pipe.
  8. if you want to have a true bad ass gandalf pipe...you gotta make one hahahahahhah
  9. ,

    A wooden gandalf pipe would look badass. It would be awesome to toke in the woods with it. But I'd imagine hits with a glass gandalf pipe would be a lot smoother.
  10. MacQueen Pipes

    I bought the "Wizard" pipe from this site. It's pretty nice and comes with a black leather case. We go camping alot and it's my favorite way to smoke when we do. Most of their pipes are priced around $60
  11. Sweeet, definitely going to buy the white wizard.

    Thanks for the link.
  12. Ya thats a nice pipe.
  13. Damn, TofuFungus beat me to it :D. I've only smoked tobacco out of them, but I have had a couple of churchwarden pipes. They're pretty much the style you're looking for. I guess headshops might have stuff like this, but a cigar/pipe/tobacconist (or similar website)would probably have a good selection. The crazier the wood the more expensive they get. I think I got a nice briar one for cheap though.

    But like I said, I've only smoked tobacco out of those, so no idea how they would hold up.


    this one is best
  15. Oooh, nice find Lillytree. I might have actually considered purchasing that, but I just bought a Launch Box, so my "toys" fund is tapped for the month. :/
  16. thank you maybe next month than you'll have your pipe
  17. I used to have one of those gandalf pipes. lemme tell you though wood really isnt the best to smoke out of. its very pourous and kinda hard to clean. just my opinion .. go with glass
  18. ^ i agree i love glass but it would be a nice show pipe
  19. Unfortunately Etsy no longer allows selling pipes with carbs, so all of my gandalfs, sherlocks, spoon, etc are now on My Artfire site. You can find them at MJ42.com

    Oh, I do have some tiny-bowled carbless gandalfs in my etsy pipes shop. They are really good for concentrates...

    Bekijk Spoons and Gandalfs van MJ42Pipes op Etsy



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