Lord of the Rings Online players?

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  1. (I searched for a thread for this, and didn't find quite what I was looking for. Please redirect me if I've just missed it or something.)

    Anybody here play LotRO? Sometimes I blaze when I play, so I thought it might be cool to get some GC names on my friends list to talk/raid/whatever with while gaming high.

    Though my paranoid side does worry about posting my LotRO name on here. Hmmm.

    Anyway, thoughts?
  2. I'm getting my new PC in like 2 months and I'm looking for some games to run on there. Is LotRO a good game? I hated WoW so would I not like this either? xD

  3. i played it for a while before they went f2p and had some fun but i quit after gaining level 40 something stuck questing somewhere with my buddy and the server was usually dead until weekend so.. it was slow

    ive seen the new lotro come out, it looks good but i dont think i'll pick it up
  4. I've got a friend who moved to LotRO from WoW who likes it...he moved because he got sick of the (reportedly) obnoxious community on WoW. I haven't played WoW so I wouldn't know firsthand. As far as server issues go, was the server actually goofing up or just kind of empty? I usually play on Vilya server, but there are like 15 more.
  5. I just finished building my gaming pc and was also wondering if this was a fun game to play?

  6. I think I was on brandywine. I liked the cosemetics the most out of the game to be honest. I liked being able to customize my character
  7. I started playing lotro after WoW (15 a month is some bullshit, I could be buying bud with that money). And to be honest for f2p its pretty kickass. Im not gonna say its better then WoW but they are each good in their own way. Both have their ups and downs.
  8. I downloaded and tried it out a few weeks ago, just didn't stick on me. Then Skyrim came out and I never looked back.
  9. Yeah, I play on Brandywine.
  10. You should give it another try man. Make a character on Brandywine and add Oakrin.:wave:
  11. Try get some of that ol toby pipeweed down you when you get the chance. Lovely stuff :p

    Ahh many a time i sat with a little puff playing and listening to others play some tunes as we waited on the rest of the kin etc sort out theyre shit just before we tore the orc a new arsehole in some instance.

    You can download or convert your own tunes and play them in game etc.
    Not too hard too grasp and is pretty neat...... The Fat Lute - Tutorials

    Any newcomers to the game will want to bookmark this site. Invaluable.
    Lord of the Rings Online - Dynamic Map

    Great game. Enjoy.
  12. this thread is pretty old but ill try it anyway.

    do any of you guys still play lotro? i just made a character on brandywine and would love to play with some fellow GC'ers.
    my in game name is Kamdir
  13. Has anyone purchased the new lotr game?
  14. If anyone is still playing I reactivated my account after like 4 years. I'm playing on Landroval. Hit me up if you're on the server. :)
  15. Tried it. Played for a month or two before giving up.

    No MMORPG can ever beat Guild Wars for me.
  16. Anybody still playing? :smoke:
  17. I cancelled my account before the release of the new expansion, have you played that yet? LOTRO was pretty time consuming for me, I leveled a champion..I should have leveled caster.
  18. I'm too low a level for the Isengard expansion unfortunately. There's actually a new expansion, Riders of Rohan, coming this fall. I'm glad the game is still growing and not dieing out, as I only got into it last year.

  19. I think its cause it has just enough large of a fanbase to continue

    it was a good game, i may get back into it. Guild wars 2 and diablo 3 will probably take up my time though :rolleyes:
  20. I haven't read much about GW2, but I'm sure Diablo will be consuming a bunch of my time as well haha

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