"Lord of the Clones"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by NaughtyDread, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. sorry bout the title yall couldnt resist :) anyways, we start a new. these clones i have here are from the 2 plants from my indoor grow if youve been following me. i managed to take 5 cuttings before going full flower mode. these pics i have are at a couple of weeks after being under 24 hrs of 80 watt floros. i did a lot of things different than from the mothers. for one, i didnt mix any manure in the bottoms of the gallon pots they sit in. i paid the price also. the clones started consuming its embryo leaves, lack of nitrogen. i say as the plants got older, they have of course run out of any nutrients that were in the soil, and believe me there wasnt a whole hell of a lot in the Scotts garden soil i got. i also didnt use any Earthgro soil this round. i treated them all with bloom booster which was 10-50-10, same for flowering and its surprised me with its results. other than that there were no problems with the clones going from full blown flower back to veg. it took a good 2 mos, and that would be 2 mos today, that i saw root buds to what i have now. i will have pics before the 24th of november to show you all what they look like now.

    the training has been very heavy. im pretty sure if i hadnt trained them so much they would be bigger. but the results have been multiple bud sites. each site has stigmas and pods with stigmas growing out of them. whats most disturbing though on one of the clones had a seed in it, a very mature seed. what does that mean? it was found at the very bottom of the plant. i have no idea how it could have happened does this mean this clone in particular is a hermie? i guess ill keep a close eye.

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  2. these clones are from about a month ago, they do not look anything like these now, i again will have new pics in about a week. any comments welcome

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  3. well, heres the last one for now, again these pics are about a month old, just to give you something to think about. :)

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  4. That looks great man

    How long did it take them to show any roots at all?

    Keep the pics coming :D
  5. they took about 11 days to start showing root buds. i didnt do anything special or high tech. all i did was water clone, i didnt even use root hormone (;)) i didnt use a dome either and i never misted. bad me. lol
  6. oh yeah forgot when water cloning, do not to forget to change the water every 3 days :) welcome Bob, looking fwd to hearing how they do!
  7. the little pods that have the hair coming out of them, they start to split. if you see something green sitting in there, then it got seeded. if it barely opens, then you got yourself a virgin :)

    i should be gettin my camera friday of next week, saturday at the latest. still undecided what i want, but at this point in time, i think ill take what i can get. im very ancious to fill this thread with pics.

    as long as you keep that soil moist, you should be alrite. how long ago did you take the clones? my lower leaves also yellowed, but remained in tact. the top though continued to grow.

    yesterday i pulled the rest of the dying lower leaves off and retied all of them. i also feed them the 10-50-10 and added some manure to one of the sativa clones. she appears to be a little sick. she is very light colored. but is still producing leaf and smelling nice. she was consuming the most leaf before i added the small dose of 10-50-10 last week. that stopped, but she still remained a little pale. i think if i didnt feed her she would have killed herself by consuming all her nitrogen. so i thought best to pull her from her home and add some manure, 2-1-2. a very, very small amount that was mixed really well with some scotts. i then put her back in her one gallon home, and watered with a small dose of 10-50-10. we will see what happens. incidentally this is the one that i squeezed the mature seed from at the bottom of the plant off of the main stem from one of its original flower pods. again can anyone tell me if this plant is headed for hermie status? if so she has to go.
  8. im not sure on what page on the other grow, but there is a nice clear picture of one of my budz with seeds showing. its the sativa flower, its a single shot and its pretty clear. the background appears to be black. locate that picture and that should help you out i dont think i actually noticed clearly until week 6. my curiousity got to me when i saw what appeared to be brown in one of those pods so i split it and low and behold a seed fell.
  9. okay bob page 20 on my other grow. its that sativa flower, im addressing 420 about how i like the picture. you can see the seeds about to bust out.
  10. dont chuck em, if they have buds, then they are still smokeable, and u still dont know if there seeded our not, if you think so, just find a really mature pod and harvest it. open it up and see whats there.
  11. giving it a couple of more days wont hurt. but if youre seeing the need to make space for the others, than yeah just let em go. dont micro that bud man, youll kill everything pleasant about it. you dont want to know you didnt properly dry something youve spent months growing. throw them on your monitor for a day or so.
  12. the micro wave deal is not so good for your weed man ...it kills potentcy and flavor....

    the slower you dry and cure your bud the better the and potncy will be ...a good slow cure can make good pot great and great pot amasing!!!

    im not gonna try and tell you the mic wont work becouse it will...but when you cut the bud down it is still alive....and still producing thc.....hanging it in a dry place for a cupple weeks is a good way to start...and then you can start the cure...

    you will notice as it drys the smell will increse and as you cure it ..it will increas tast as well as potency....

    harsh bud is not properly dryed...

    well cured bud is more potent ...better tasting...and smother on the lungs.....

    just something to consider....there is a curing guid somewhere on the city...and on overgrow.com

    also there are a few nice ways to make extracts...from the plants you are killing off early...hash and hash oil are bouth
    very nice....and you can use the entire plant....

    check out erowid they have several way of makeing it ...
  13. no i dont mind, since you shut yours down. told you the micro would be a waste. but you prolly destroyed some thc also. ive never enjoyed micro'd weed :) as far as telling if you have seeds, i think its a little longer than 4 weeks. i noticed the pods at around that time period, but i didnt actually get fully curious till about week 5 when i saw a split pod. that set off the alarms.

    from having a lil more exp under my belt, ive learned that you cant treat two completely strains the same. indicas do not enjoy the same conditions as sativas. sativas enjoy more nitrogen than indicas. everyone should remember this. i always will.
  14. sucks it takes so long to dry but it is well worth it
  15. sup guys, I just wanted to pop in on this thread :D

    dread i dont think you should worry about that seed in your clone its just from the same contamination of pollen that got your other plants. If you didnt already put the plants in the HPS room its probably a good idea to turn off the fan and turn on the hps to get the temps high and mist the whole area a few times. This should kill any remaining pollen in the grow closet.

    sativas need more N because they are always stretching like in veg, rather then plumping up like indicas. I noticed that when woody mentioned his flower ferts and they have unusualy high N but powerplant is a sativa strain. either way finishing off with little to no N is good because it makes the buds plump up a bit quicker in the end, but if you grow chemichaly flushing does the same just there isnt as much P so i would have to say you loose a bit of yeild. For the last 3 weeks of my grow i used only bone meal wich has no N 0-17-5 or somewhere aroudn that, and the plant plumped up so nicley so fast compared to using miracle grow 15-30-15.
  16. thanks for stopping in grOwer, your expertise is highly valued :) i guess next thing i need to do is find me a different form of nutrients for the sativas. im pretty sure im going to have to do the same with the other sativa. it doesnt appear to be in any type of condition that would lead me to believe it has problems. ill be repoting them soon perhaps in a week or so, and another week after that off to flower.

    i will be sure to sterilize the flower room, that one seed really freaked me out, it was like how could i have missed it? and why. it filled me full of dread to think i already lost a sativa to pollen. but i will surely keep a close eye. does bone meal smell also?
  17. Thanks for the compliment dread, a good word goes a long way. I was fleeling like shit before. Its been fun helping you along the way and we both learned from each others growing experiences.

    Im not sure if bone meal smells and if it does i wouldnt think it would stink up your grow room bad if thats what your worried about. I know a cat could smell because it started to dig a bit into my pot looking for meat then stoped a few inches down. I know it was a cat because it was still there either smelling the weed or bone meal, and yes cats are attracted to weed :D ive ran into 4 diffrent cats when tending my plants from when they were 1' tall to in the final weeks of flower. In the bag bone meal has a powderey smell like talc or baby powder, it deffenetly wont smell anything like manure :p , give it a try. I got a small bag for like 5 bucks and i only used mabey 1/6 of it. That one bag would be enough for all your plants for this grow. the greatest pert of bone meal is you cant burn your plant with it because it has no nitrogen so metering it isnt crucial. Just give it a bit more then you think it will need and that should be enough. You can apply it when re-potting by mixin it in the soil and then mid-late flower spread it around your pots and water. if your going to use amnure agin dont line the bottom i think thas why your plants were a bit droopy last grow. Mix in a cup of composted manure per gallon of soil and half cup of bone meal and then re pot with that mixture.

    On your last grow was that manure fresh or composted? It should be composted or at least manure that was sitting in the bag for a full summer because it needs heat to break down.
  18. sup grO, i think i will invest in some bone meal, i need to find an alternate nitrogen source for any indicas for the future. they simply will not tolerate high levels. when i originally started, i didnt have a clue to what i was going to end up with, so it really was a shoot in the dark. i knew i had indicas, but i didnt know how they would react to nutrients since ive never had to deal with those issues before.

    i have composted manure, its quite aged so no worries their. its 2-1-2 and its some good shit! lol! i never had problems with it originally, remember it was when i tried to make that tea that i fried the indicas, but the sativa didnt budge. she ate that shit and was singin busta rhymes "gimme some mo!" :)

    okay an update, i stopped by today and i checked on everything, im happy with the growth, its been vigorous over the past 2 days, about time to readjust those lights again, im not sure if i want to do anymore training, one of the plants is literally a bush! its insane! again, they ate up the 10-50-10, and showed there appreciate for the extra food. if things continue as such, ill be right on schedule for the 12/12 switch.
    my sick sativa has finally made a change for the better, i did repot it and mixed in some of the manure in the bottom. the rest of the sativa is still pale green, but all new growing leaf tips are the correct color green :) i am happy to report that, looks like she hit the nitro!

    pictures will be soon guys, sorry for the delay thanks
  19. im pretty sure mine turned hermie because of the interuption of the light cycle for that 8 days. remember? i had a hurricane rip through my town, kinda screwed things up :)

    that one clone that grew a seed, im still scratching my head on that one, but that one particular flower could have got some pollen on it and produced a seed. i dont think its a seed dropper, time will tell though. other than that waiting patiently for saturday to get here. ill have my new camera!
  20. since these are clones from unknown bagseed type strain, i guess ill have to come up with a name. i think ill call it hurricane, of course from the 'cane that came through and the color from the dried sativa bud, resembles the univ. of miami's green and orange colors. :)

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