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  1. What yall think?
  2. why couldnt you just combine this with the other thread you made 20 seconds ago.
  3. cuz im stoned and wasnt thinking...my bad
  4. Atavan is pretty good, more of a shit faced high like xanax gives you..

    And being high doesn't excuse laziness/stupidity. Keep your brain active, buddy.
  5. i think it sucks. has the worst side effects of any benzo ive had.
  6. Gotta keep dose fairly low too, I've lost 3+ days on 20mg of these things before. Klonopin and xanax don't even do me like that.
  7. IMO, benzos are lousy drugs. I used to take them, but I got tired of waking up feeling like shit. Lorazepam is very similar to clonazepam if you have ever tried that.

    Holy Fuck. That's dangerous man.
  8. I mixed it with 23 flexaril 5's dude, and I'm still alive. I didn't passout or go comatose for 3 days, I was apparently out biking my ass off anf chowing down like a feind.

    And you don't need to warn me man, I know myself and my body well enough. :smoking:
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    Well that would put you at about 1/5 the LD50 for each of those, and when you account for how strong the multiplier effect is when combining two potent sedatives, it is clear that it was by no means safe.

    So smoke on my friend, but I wouldn't make a habit of taking combinations like that.

    Hahaha, awesome.

    Edit: Granted, this post if more or less irrelevant if you have a benzo tolerance, but then again, I'm sure you already know that.
  10. Yeah, I would NEVER recommend doing the shit I do. I take insane doses sometimes, and I mix a lot of potentially dangerous crap.

    It's borderline stupidity honestly.
  11. I was a daily prescribed user for a year or two. The stuff is great when you need an alcohol like depressent, however it is super difficult to get off. You need to taper off very, very slowly with many physical and mental side effects.

    I would drink beer instead if I could do this over.

    Just say no! To Lorazapam unless prescribed, monitored and used conservatively.

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