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  1. Hey have any of you ever had the chance to try these pills. There supposed to be antianxiety medication sorta like xanax. Makes you relaxed as hell and it sorta blocks your mind off from thinking sorta. Anyways anybody ever try drinking on them because thats something i would like to try out ?
  2. If you take more then three you'll die. No homo.
  3. wow bitch i was asking you to flame me FAGGOT i was just asking if anybody has any experience with them so just get the fuck out of the post :)
  4. one little pill you can break down into fours
    garunteed when mixed with liquor it gon' have you on the floor

    Anyone who knows that line gets my respect.

    It's talking about Xanax, but the idea really goes for any Benzo's such as Ativan (lorazepam, valium, klonopin, etc..). Don't do it unless you plan on getting way fucked up, or possibly dying if you take too many and drink too much.

    When I first got perscribed xannies, I once took a total of 2.5mg's of Xanax, drank 2 40's, and then the next thing I know I wake up at home in my sister's bed 3 miles away from where I was. Don't worry, my sister was gone for the night.

    But yeah, those aren't even huge amounts and I was fucked.
  5. I took 5mg and drank about 5-6 drinks of vodka an cola an I was straight. Just know when to stop man
  6. ya benzos and alcohol = bad mix , me and friend was drinkin and we both took quite a bit of xanax, and only thing i remmeber after that is waking up and having pissed my pants and when i got up i puked , not fun ;x

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  7. Vans rock, I have a scrip for those and they work when you need em'. I have taken like 4 or 5 at a tyme but I don't drink anymore, so. I say just try to keep it safe bro, I hear it all the tyme "what the hell did I do?" Thats what they say xanies and such make you forget what the hell you r doing when you drink with em'. Good luck bro have fun. :hello: JOE>
  8. Oh yea, I forgot to mention if you drink on them, youll prolly black out. It always happened to me

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