loose seeds!!???

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  1. Ok, this dude claims that he has seeds that were brought back from amsterdam (ak-47 and purp supposedly) but when he gets em to me they were loose! They were fat and stripey but not too dark. Has anyone ever heard of seeds being sold loose without official packaging??
  2. no.

    what bank ?
  3. Ddnt think so! Thanx.
  4. Bagseed can still make a rewarding grow.:) Don't let your friend have any.

  5. just because the beans weren't in the original breeder packs, doesn't mean they aren't real deal. as a matter of fact, if i were bringing them back from a-dam, i'd take them out of the packs too. that "stripey" thing you see is temporary. it's a thin skin that can/will fall off....
    i sometimes get freebies in plain plastic bags...
  6. no way I'd pay bank prices for loose seed!!!!!

    got mine at the Tude and this yrs is looking SAWEET check it out in my sig
  7. HELL NO I DDNT PAY FOR THEM! He doesnt even grow but he wants to. I asked to buy 2 of each and he tol me to giv him a price i tol him id take care of him after a harvest and he gave me all of them, 15 supposedly feminized. The ak's are lite in color, Not the greenish unripe type of lite, more like tan. I thought all good seeds were dark???
  8. got a place and a way why not then. Even if it only turns out to be from mids, well taken care of mids is ok by me :0P

    I just took it as he was tryin to sell as bank so & so and charge for em
  9. well that changes things, thought this was a mail order question

    no bank, no $$, no worries IMHO..and you will probably end up with some good buds, if you do your homework..and a little prep.:smoke:

    peace and good luck

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