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Loose or tight j's

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RussianHaze, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. do you liek your joints short and tight or loose and long? personally i prefer a tigh short joint, cuz you taste thweed and not the paper and no need to relight it every 2 seconds. how bout you?
  2. it fully depends on the buds, you physically cannot roll good pot tightly, it wont burn.. only if its dry to a crisp can you roll it super tight.
  3. I hate the taste of paper so I prefer it tight. Unless it's flavored papers, then Idc.
  4. I like long and tight.

    (that's what she said)
  5. Long and tight.

    God damnit. A second late. :p
  6. it has to be a combination of not to loose but not to tight.
  7. Same way I like my pussy, tight as possible.
  8. This is a weird question. it's like asking, what do you like more, black women or white women. I'd want every joint to be tight, how is loose even a consideration
  9. yeah but you don't want it so tight that you can't hit it ;) :laughing:
  10. I like to roll my spliffs very firm, but not too tight. I like to be able to feel a wittle bit of give when i squeeze the spliff, but not enough that it feels like pockets of air. If the spliff feels like it's a piece of wood or something, it's way too tight.

    Firm, fat, and long= perfect spliff
  11. the way most people in europe smoke, mixing half weed half baccy and roll long loose joints, that burn because of the tobacco so you can roll it loose and not have it go off every 2 seconds. if you smoke pure joints, like i do, then its a different story.
  12. No.Not too tight or not to lose.In the medium.It has better taste that way.
  13. Right in the middle, not too loose, not too tight.
  14. tight, but loose enough so that long draws are possible.
    i dont like puffin on j's that have u coughing in half a second of inhale
  15. I like my joints like this ;)

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  16. [quote name='"Soccerguy420"']

    yeah but you don't want it so tight that you can't hit it ;) :laughing:[/quote]

    Pun intended?
  17. i like mine tight so it feels a bit like a tough sponge,a bit of resistance but not a lot. If its to tight and hard to draw on it pisses me off and if its to loose and burns away quickly it pisses me off to. Probably around 80-85 percent tightness i like
  18. I like my j's and blunts to be nice and firm, but not too tight to where they're barely hitting and keep losing their cherry. It's even worse though if you roll a joint too loose, because they can tend to burn pretty quickly as it is. A loose one will be almost down to a roach in like 5 hits.

    Nobody wants to smoke a blunt or joint that's too tight or too loose...
  19. Never had a blunt too tight.
    You can def roll a j too tight. Long as its firm but hittable I'm down ;)

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