Loose or tight bowls?

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  1. So I have this debate every time I smoke. Usually when I'm mad at my diffusion.
    But do you guys prefer a lesser loaded bowl so more airflow gets through and you get more diffusion? Or do you like just smoking a big bowl cause it'll loosen up eventually?
  2. Just get a ice pinch or dd slide and it won't matter either way
  3. It's in my username, packed tight ftw.
  4. In the middle not too loose but enough to let smoke through
  5. Loose....
  6. i like to e able to pull in smoke without a lot of effort so idk
  7. WHen I saw your topic title I thought I read "loose or tight bowels" lol. So I entered wondering what the fuck this thread was going to be all about. Anyway, I prefer loosely packed bowls because the last half of your bowl won't hit harsh. If you pack it tight the last half of your bowl is going to hit harsh, hot, and it's going to roll like a mofo and destroy your lungs.
  8. I like my bowls a little loose. Easier to hit and burns better.

    I hate when someone packs a bowl and then presses it down firmly with a finger. Even if you use a poker to make it hitable compressed bud doesn't burn that great.
  9. When mixed with some tobacco and chopped up nicely, I don't have any problem with it not burning properly, but that's just me.
  10. compressed bud works fine for me haha....
  11. i like my bowls like i like my women.........TIGHT

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  12. I don't like the bowl loose or tight. Mostly in between. But if you have a dd slide or ice pinch slide it doesn't really make a difference.
  13. Loose. Better flavor that way.
  14. I like to pack a DD slide pretty loosely, so that the bud is just kinda all over the place and fluffy.
  15. I use a b.wilson disk bowl and anything loose will get sucked through. I always pack tight...maybe too tight sometimes lol. I also feel the disk bowls dont really taste like crap on the bottom, i'll make sure my stuffs tooottally cashed before dumping it out, and it never is harsh to tastes too bad. DD FTW.
  16. I like a variety of the tightness's
  17. Loose, airflow is always good :)
  18. It depends on if the bowl is ground or not I pack ground bowls much tighter

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