Loose lips Sink ships (seriously, they do)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RedEyed-Punk, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Ok, heres what happened, I went to church camp a week ago, (ya church camp), and there was a counsleor there who i found smoked weed, he asked me and my buds if we wanted to smoke with him, so we all go down to the beach to watch the sun rise and smoke, i didnt smoke cuz i had to pass a drug test, neither did my other friend, were both 18 by the way, but my other is 17, he smoked with the counselor. Now fast forward to 3 days later, i get a call from the state police, saying they knew he smoked with my friend, i basically told them what they already knew (im not a RAT), now i think this guy is going to jail, (He's 21), Now what really irks me is that one friend told one person and it just snowballed from there, all the couslers found out and reported it to the cops.I know i didnt tell anyone. so someone TALKED! IT SUCKS! He was just smoking with another pothead and now he going to jail for it. REMEMBER LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS, also i have a quest, can you get in major shit for smoking with a minor? Thx All.
  2. the age shouldn't really matter. feel free to flame me if i'm wrong but 9 times out of 10 the only time age/weed make any kind of impact on each other is when you get pulled over and what kind of mood the cop is in (does he feel like ruining your life or not). either way - who ratted? your 17 year old friend who smoked, or your 18 year old friend who didn't but was there? or was it another friend who wasn't there, but knew what was going on? all i know is, how can anyone go to jail if they don't have proof. they may have evidence (hearsay?), but no proof. that counselor should stash his stuff and lay low if things are like i understand them.
  3. unless they catch him with anything illegal on him there aint shit the police can do.
  4. hmhm? ...uh ....cops cant do shit man.... ..atleast in my state.... in some places now i hear they are being dicks and considering having THC in your system as possesion... .lol... but where i live you can only be charged/arrested/fined or get in any trouble if you are caught with parpehilinia/bud/ whaetevr.....
  5. the counselor broke the felony of Contributing to the delinquency of a minor if your friend is 17 then that is a very serious offense if they can prove that the counsleor smoked with a minor they will pin him with possession, illegal use of narcotics, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, i sure hope the counselor gets off but if they can prove it then the counsellor is going to jail
  6. In alot of states selling weed or paraphanilia to a minor and/or in 1000 yards of a school doubles your penalty if it where with a person over 18.

  7. It shouldn't be possible for an adult to be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor in cases involving marijuana use even if evidence exists proving that the adult supplied marijuana to the minor. For the most part, the charge in question is applied only in cases involving legal substances like alcohol and tobacco because the adult has legitimate access to them and can provide assistance to minors incapable of purchasing them on their own. Marijuana is illegal for all individuals, however, which makes it difficult to argue that an adult has easier access to it.
  8. Toker4life420 is right, it's contributing to the delinquency of a minor, even if it's wasn't his weed. That's why it's not always a good idea to smoke with minors.
  9. Minors suck.

    Don't talk to me till you're 18. :)
  10. unless the guy was caught with MJ on him, the rest is irrelivent............if he says he never had any and never smoked with the kid, then i really can't see how the police will be able to prove it in court, apart from maybe the testimony of the kid himself..........and then it's a teachers word against a kid............in the U.K. you need 2 police to arrest you as you have as much levy in a court of law as a police officer, but not against 2............

    from what you've explained there's no evidence against the teacher..........Peace out...........Sid
  11. what I learned from going to court is that the state has to prove its case not the other way around.
  12. I have never heard of a case of someone going to court for smoking a little bit of weed..well if they got caught on the spot but in this case it is all hear-say, is it not?

    I doubt he will get in any trouble..that is, if I am understanding this correctly.
  13. loose lips suck
  14. loose lips huh out here there are no rats to many people wanna keep living
  15. the guy who posted this topic told the cops that he (the councelor) did smoke with the minor. thats whats gonna bust him; your testimony. they could have lied to you tellin you they had proof that he smoked but realy didnt have nething... till you. dont get upset over this issue, the councelor cant blame you for goin to jail; he was the one who decided to smoke with your under age friend.
  16. It's perfectly legal for the cops to tell you a lie as long as they do it right so as to abuse a few loopholes. It could very well be you that actually ratted him out if the cops weren't sure yet.

  17. yup. wha i say?

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