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loose crystals

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedeater, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. i recently bought some great weeds with lots of crystals. sorry for bragging but its the first great weed ive had in months. but my question is there are lots of loose crystal stuck to the inside of the ziploc. i dont wanna waste them but i cant get them out. i guess this is a lost cause. well if you guys have any methods. let me know. i could just smoke the bag. i hear plastic gets you pretty messed up. good joke huh
  2. hmm...poke some holes in the bottom of the bag, and get it out with a toothpick or somthin?
  3. its what credit cards were really made for.......

  4. i cut the sides of the bag so that it lays flat and open then scrape them off with a razor blade, but a credit card sounds like it would work
  5. Man, i know how you feel. all those crystals look so good, i just have to lick the bag clean. It doesnt taste like anything, doesnt do much to augment my high but i'll be damned if they go to waste!

    Yeah, its a stupid ass way to get rid of them but by the time you get done trying to scrape them away you'll be sober again.

    good luck!
  6. go with the scraping method, and just throw those babies into a bowl of the same kinda bud.

    I also heard from a few people that when you get some really good weed like that, start keeping your weed in the same bag. All your good weed, that is. That way the crystals will stick to your weed and stuff and youll recycle the smell.

    Heh itd be cool to smell and see a bag thats been used like that for a year and shit :p
  7. alright i'll save the bag for a while and then scrape the crystals out with a razor. thanks all
  8. HIGH All, oooohhhh the days!!! I remember Rocdog back in the good ole' days hitting the baggies with the razor blade and getting a few nerds for the Hot Knives. Save a few first for sure and you'll get great buzz.

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