Loose change made my day!

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  1. Wild SNORLAX appeared!

    Sup GC,
    First post here! Got myself a story that I just couldn't resist sharing...

    Well ladies, like many of you I've got a change jar sitting by my front door that's been munchin' down on helpings of my spare change now for a few years... So much so that the other day, I had noticed that I had filled it to the brink. It was literally overflowing with coins, like a waterfall of dirty coins.

    Always in need of some spending money, I knew what I had to do. Cash this sucker in!

    I wish I had taken a picture of the thing in all of it's glory, but to give you an idea of just how much change we're talking here I tossed the thing on my bathroom scale, and my jaw literally hit the floor... The thing weighed close to 50 pounds! We're talking some serious coin, guys. Immediately I got on the phone, I had to tell someone that I had amassed this much loose change. Called a few buds, and they couldn't believe it... So they rushed over to see the behemoth.

    Upon their arrival I set the thing on the kitchen table, and when they arrived we all just stood back and basked in it's glory. After a little questioning about where it had all come from, we all hopped into my truck, with the jar safely buckled in in the back seat and drove to the closest Canadian Tire to sort through the monster... We approached the change sorter machine, which was set up right next to the exit doors and just started dumping all the spare change into it.

    The counter was going crazy... We approached 50$ in a matter of seconds, than 100$, and even 200$... The pace wasn't slowing down, and we still had a ton of coins left to dump. As people we're leaving the store, several stopped and made comments about how high it was going. A few even came over and asked where we had collected such a huge mass of change.

    But like all things, our fun came to an end when the machine hit 421.80$ and than it just stopped. It just wouldn't take any more coins. So we had to call over the manager who after a little inspection told us that we had filled it. It was full. And we still had coins left over... So after a little trip to the store safe, we cashed out and walked out with huge smiles on our faces!

    In celebration we called up our dealer, and whispered to him four simple words I haven't spoken in years, "We're gettin' an ounce." Even just typing that made my balls tingle. And boys, lemme tell you. I got so fucked that night... Called the whole gang, and smoked like it was going out of style.

    So it just goes to show you, all that spare change you carry around can add up to more than you think.

    And for those who are curious, I wasn't able to get a copy of the reciept, but I saw the tally and there was over 8,000 pennies... If you can imagine that. And always being a good son, I spent the rest of the money of a mothers day gift for the old lady.

    So what do you think, gents? Anyone ever cashed in their spare change jars? How much did you pull in?
  2. I think I need to start saving my change o_o
  3. My record was like $200, but $400 is just incredible, can't believe you filled that sucker completely up. lol
    I just recently started to collect change again, thanks for getting me motivated for it. :hello:
  4. That sucks if you got charged by the machine . Over here in California the coinstar machine charges something like a Dime per dollar.
  5. That's awesome! Last time I did it, I only got £30. Enough to get me high that night though :smoke:
  6. nice yea.. i save my 1$ bills in there to...
    i cashed my change about a month ago..
    395$ all change......

    my boss just chashed in his 2.. he had like 800$
    thats 2 years of savin for him...
  7. Nice that's an assload of change, I can save about 100$ in change in a mason jar in my room fairly quickly
  8. That is one of the most epic things I've read on here.
  9. My record was in a 5 gallon glass water bottle, $587 and some spare change left over. It took us all weekend to roll the coins [back in the day before coinstar, my bank would only take change already rolled] Paid the rent and utilities that month.

    I had been working a restaurant on the side weekends and evenings as a bartender, and it was my tip money - I would change the change the barmaids got with my bills, I was deliberately filling the change jar with tips.

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