loose buds? Not dense?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SmallSmoke, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I've been having a problem with a bagseed plant. It's been flowering for 6 weeks now but the buds are not dense, they are very spread out. I'm using 5 32W CFL's on this sucker thats only 2 ft. tall. 12/12 cycle temps around 70-75F.

    I'm using Schultz African Violet nutrient which is 8-14-9. Could someone help me?

    The leaves get super crystally but the buds are very loose. Thanks!
  2. in just your first few sentences I noticed why you've got airy nugs, first, your using bagseed genetics.. and Second your using flouro's... that = airy nugs
  3. anyone else?
  4. im new to growing myself, but i think maybe your ferts are wrong

    something like 15-30-15 NPK for flowering would be better

    i just picked up some MG ultrabloom 15-30-15 today, into my first week of floweirng with my first grow
  5. Well my other plants show no negative effects of using that nute. they are doing very well in flowering. Should I try to use some mollasses? I've heard that work? and if that could be something I need could someone please tell me what kind I should be looking for?

  6. A few thoughts. Lead candidate in my mind is genetics. What was the bag like that those seeds came from? Bagseed isn't necessarily bad -- you could take a bag of the most potent grass on earth and if you did not know the genetics it still would be "bagseed," and that label wouldn't make the genetics any less potent.

    Hot ambient temps can cause fluffy buds, but your temps are well within the comfort zone.

    Also, what is the color temp of those lights? Make sure it is down around 2700k.

    The key with ferts is not the specific numbers but the ratio/proportions of the nutrients. The ratio you have there is fine. But don't african violets like acidic soil? I'm not really sure, but if they do then I would not use a fert for a high-acidic plant.

  7. I'm also gonna throw a vote in for genetics. My dads friend grows his bud and its always super loose but the trim and leaves are COVERED in crystals... if its the same kind of bud then I can assure you its some fire :) Also the flouro's dont help your cause(I use cfl's also so i'm not raggin on them)
  8. Thanks for the responses. The nutes are 3/4 strength. The plant are very green, incredibly healthy. What could possibly buff these buds up? Anything? Superthrive or mollasses or both?
  9. Ur first mistake was going with bagseed. We all learn this the hard way. Can u even be sure it wasn't an outdoor strain? Order seeds. It may seem like a big investment, but once u have everything u need this becomes a fraction of ur costs.
  10. well as a matter of fact im going to disagree with you on that. Well the fact that bagseed produces loose buds is bullshit. i am about done with a grow that i used half bagseed for and the bagseed buds are twice as dense as the other. It is most likely due to the lighting that your using.
  11. Genetics and fertilizer have something to do with it, but your main problem is you dont have enough light, and on top of that, its probably the wrong spectrum. If you plan on doing anymore grows in the future, get at least a 150 watt HPS (on top of the CFLs) and some better fertilizer.
  12. one more vote for genetics...i grew out four bigbud plants and theres one that has mad light fluffy buds and is about a foot taller than the rest.
  13. Ya I guess my term "bagseed genetics" was politically incorrect.. I just picture a seed at the bottom of a stress sack as bagseed, never thought of bagseed as a seed in a a sack of dank...
  14. dude. only like 3 people nailed it. its the lights. you dont even know if the buds are natruly dense or not cause of the shitty lights. not getting enough lumens or uvb or what ever the fuck you wanna say does the trick. its the lights.

    upgrade its probably worth it
  15. Yeah, have to agree with the first response. You can only get so much out of flurecent lighting unless you have plenty of grow experience. Problem is, most people with this kind of experience have already switched to a HID lamp of some kind.

    Best of luck.....bud is bud and since you got your grow to this stage, im sure your final product will still be plenty smokable! Keep those fluro's for your clones and seedlings tho!!!

  16. The problem with bag seed is you dont know what your growing!!yes it could be great stuff but it could also be lousy.by buying your seeds from a reputable breeder you know what your getting.the only way i can see that you are going to beef up those buds is to add alot more light.

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