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loool homemade last minute neon bong?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by white-widow, Jun 1, 2009.

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    hey guys just made this cuz my friends glass broke :eek: loll enjoy :hello:


    With the lights off and my grinder light under it :D hits like this is trippy :p


    Sorry for bad pics don't have a cam right now so using my phone *Steve jobs needs to update iphone and put a better cam in*
  2. that looks fucking ill, but whats the downstem made of?
  3. It's some like candy banana container i had... It's all good though because the part on the outside is a metal pipe so im not smoking plastic :hello: no cancer for me :D
  4. lol, looks like it would hit nice, post up some milkshots
  5. It does man :D I will when i get the chance to im dry right now :mad: smoked the last of it today... it was goood though :smoking:
  6. haha. thats pretty dope. good luck on a new piece/bong.
  7. looks great haha, and the neon would be amazing to hit out of if you were already high haha
  8. what do you mean by "grinder light?"

    does your grinder have a light on it? if so i'd like to see :wave:
  9. Haha I used to eat those powder fruit candies all the time when I was a kid! Nice job..and yea what do you mean by "grinder light" :confused:
  10. neon effect is pretty dope
  11. Here is some pics of my grinder/light.. The light is for looking at the crystals on the bud.. picked it up for 17.99 :D


    PS: Added rubber gaskets to get better hits.. Seal it up :)
  12. Looks pretty cool. Is the bowl already a bowl? (like did you buy it) or is it a makeshift bowl

  13. Its actually a whole metal pipe lool works good though gets me stoned :smoking:

  14. What did you use a sealant?

  15. Rubber gaskets.. nowhere near the bowl though..

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