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Loony Toon Characters: Who was the Stoner?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GreenLady36, May 29, 2009.

  1. I was watching Loony Tunes with my kid tonight and I started thinking about the character profiles of stars and what kind of substances would elicit their behaviors. Here's my list of who does what in the world of Loony Tunes. Feel free to chime in.

    Also what about other cartoon personalities that fit the characteristics of a stoner (i.e. Shaggy of Scooby Doo, the most obvious).

    Bugs Bunny - Marijuana

    Bugs is the stoner because he is clever, very funny, he always outwits his opponents, he's wise-cracking and always keeps his favorite snack, a carrot, for when he has the munchies.

    Daffy Duck - Cocaine

    Man, that dude is amped!

    Yosemite Sam - Drug of Choice - Alcohol/Liquor

    Yosemite Sam likes to get fired up on that firewater!!

    Porky Pig - Quaaludes

    That's why he stutters

    Elmer Fudd - glue (get it, Elmer?) or any inhalant will do

    That's why he is a total fucking idiot

    Wyle E. Coyote - angeldust

    He thinks he's invincible and he comes up with these crazy inventions through his dust-induced hallucinations

    Road Runner - Speed/Meth

    Need I say why?

    Pepe Le Pew - Ecxstacy

    He feels Le amor

    Marvin the Martian - LSD

    He must be trippin on acid to wear that get up and he thinks he's on Mars

    Nominee for 2nd runner up for Stoner cartoon personality (First place goes to Shaggy):

    Pink Panther

  2. LOL this is some pretty funny stuff...haha Pepe Le Pew on X got me laughin' hard...I dunno but picturing that in my head is some funny shit.

    +rep for a vivid imagination.
  3. awesome dude. This is hilarious.

    Speedy Gonzales - Speed
    Why else whould he run that fast

    Taz - Alcohol
    Destructive little deveil

    Tweety - Marijuana
    Smooth and mellow always avoid the putty tat.

    Sylvester - ??? Mix of Marijuana and Coke???
    Dumb and somewhat witty.

    Foghorn leghorn - inhalents
    Let me tell ya boy!
  4. Thanks, man.

    "Foghorn leghorn - inhalents
    Let me tell ya boy!"

    True!! LOL!!
  5. Bugs is always making a wrong turn as well...
  6. Yeah word , maybe Pepe La Pew really smelled like "skunk"
  7. everybody on sesame st smokes weed
  8. lol do they
  9. LOL, Okay Pepe gets down with E and weed.
  10. Bugs was usually really laid back too.

    He was also in drag quite a bit. What was up with that?
  11. Not a Looney Tunes character, but Cookie Monster is the most stoned children's show character around. He's always got those munchies, man.
  12. Garth: Did you ever find bugs bunny attractive when he driest up like a girl bunny?
    Wayne: No! hahaha noo
    Garth: Nether did I...
  13. The Count must've been the top dealer, always worried about the numbers.

    Ernie and Bert are obviously closet shirtlifters, so they would be candidates for amyl nitrate.
  14. Snuffy is on Heroin
  15. the crew in Scoobie doo are all stoners...always hungry, named shaggy, has that hippie van, lol
  16. i can see the pink panther theme in the background with the pink panther just lighting up this huge doobie hahahaha:smoke:

  17. Exactly. I think if I am not mistaken, The Pink Panther smokes cigarettes with the long cigarette holder. Just replace that with a spliff.

    The Pink Panther was laid back and he spoke like he was blazed.

  18. yeah pink panther is such a smooth and chill of my favorite cartoon characters as a kid. :smoke:
  19. lol of course, we all know where they did their smoking too. every time the back doors of their van opened smoke poured out, i mean come on. no subtlety there.
  20. pepe le pew lol

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