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  1. hi every one im doing my first grow i currently gave 2 300w viperspectra led lights and a spare 250 hps my tent was to big for the loft so its currently on its side and extra support put on the sides to hold the weight of the lights and stuff iv just flipped 2 12-12cycle and wondered uf u could suppliment the led with the 250 hps coming on tjeu the cycle in 30 minute intervals the reason is i tried to run it the full 12 with the led but the temp went ay high sitting at 35 degrees with a rh of 80 + so i tried the i tervals yesterday and the temp stayed steady at 25.6 degrees with a rh of 55 and from what uv read thats fine i just dont no if the hps coming on and off will cause damage i am trying to save sum electricty aswell any advice or help welcomed and thanks in advance
  2. A really odd way of doing things man but sure why not
  3. I think the hps might put out more light than the both leds combined.

    If I was you I'd run the hps as the main light and then have the leds come on whenever if u want.

    Also I'm sure the hps bulbs don't like to be constantly turned on and then turned off like that

    Also you don't have a whole lot of wattage. I think my 600ish watts of hps and led only raised my power bill by maybe 20-25 dollars
  4. ok bud thanks i no its not ideal but working on it hoping to get another led soon i was reading online and came across hybrid growing with led and hps some gd reviews on it so thought i would try it out just dident want to cause any damage and because the tent was on its side i think that may be the cause of the high heat and humidity

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  5. ok cheers for reply mate think i will change it over and give it a try u seen on a forum that u could run the hos for six hours to replicate the hottest part of the day u think this could be an option let it run for 6 hours with the led and let just the led run the rest or am i aswell just trying to sort the heat issue and run both fir the 12 thanks
  6. Dude - you don't need more than one thread to get answers - just be patient.
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  7. sorry bud i thought my first one hadent posted because i couldent find it still trying to navigate round the site only set it up this morning
  8. No problem. Good luck and welcome.
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    oooo so thats how youre setup is...

    id put put all those plants closer together. it looks like youve got 9. do 3 rows of 3 with all the plants under your hps light.

    you'll really need to keep up on the lst to keep em down or make a screen to help with that. i think at this stage you could keep them under the hps but during flower you'll might need to break it up with 3 plants under each light with the LEDs positioned way closer to the plants than they are now.

    also the plants will stretch when you switch to flower. how tall is the tent on its side like that?
  10. ok thanks yeah iv got 9 on the go iv bn doing quite a bit of lst and recently done some defoluation so more light can get to the bud sites il take on ur advice and line them up in rows of 3 the tent is over a meter high i was trying my best to keep the led the reccomded 18- 24 inches from the canopy i done the hand test and did realise it wasnt that hot so probably could come down a bit more i was thinking of using a scrog but think il just concentrate on doung my best this run before i get involved in other stuff lol thanks for all ur help its really appreciated il get it all sorted later on
  11. gt home and tried to sort it out i think the humidity and head is due to the height restrictions as its unable to rise very far but ciuld be wrong iv took ur advice and moved them into 3 rows if 3 and moved the lights dwn so none are blocking each other have a look at my pics if u have time let me no what u think cheers craig

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  13. looking good. i dont really follow a set height for lights. ill move my led panel as close as i can to the plant, still trying to get good coverage.

    and yeah i think youre right on with the heat and RH.

    also i could suggest you think about this... its looking like you have a vent in your tent on the right side, in the pic, that is higher up than the one your using. you could use that higher up one and then reduce your bends in your filter piping, you want the least amount of restriction as possible shortest and straightest is best. maybe put the filter right next to your lights so its pulling warmer air out first
  14. spot on bud il get that done with the fan tonight when the lights come on also i was followingvthe guide lines for the led light 18-24 inches so is it possible for me to go lower without and burning or light strain from the led on the plants i guess il just keep ecperimenting with thr height and if i see any negative affects il move it up thanks again btw uv been a great help hopfully i can get these conditions as clise to perfect this is my first run so hopfully the ones to follow can only get better cheers
  15. hey no problem. happy to help!

    this is my own experience so dont quote me on this but ive had grows where i keep the light a bit farther away to try and make the plant stretch more or to try and get bigger node spacing and also where ive kept the lights hella close you can get some pretty squatty plants since they dont have to grow up towards the light.

    the light intensity wont hurt the plants but the actual heat coming off them will. so when youre doing your hand test if you think you could keep it there under the light the whole day then your plants wont be bothered either.

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