Looky, looky I got hooky.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SereneSmoker, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Man I am fucking blown and I am bored, so I took 15 minutes to make a giant sig which I just want to showm if the mods delete this thread or give me a warning I wont take it personal I love the city to much to take offense.

  2. why would that get deleted, or give you a warning?

    looks like a trip!
  3. lf ya sig was that size it would get deleted and a warning sent .

    lf you ignored that ,then ya might get banned :D.

    looks cool :D
  4. DAMN! That\'s big!!!! Banned, you are! :p

    Just kidding.

    It looks cool! :D
  5. okay, so we got marley, lennon, hendrix... and who\'s the last guy? morrison? It\'s kind of hard to tell with all the swirly\'s and colors
  6. yo krazi that\'s peter tosh, not bob marley

  7. Yeah... I was gonna say, thats not Marley. Figured it would be Peter Tosh, but wasnt sure. Hopefully Serene wasnt intending to put Marley instead of Tosh.
  8. Man I was going to put Marley, but I couldnt find any decent pics to cut out, so I went with my second favorite reggae gut the Toshman, lol .

  9. lol, i just saw a black guy with a rastafarian look and assumed, plus bob marley just seemed to fit in with the other guys, oh well, i stand corrected

  10. Yeah, that\'s Jim Morrison. Guy always looked stoned off his
    ass, huggin the microphone to hold himself up.

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