Looks like they are all girls, again!

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  1. So my last grow was from 6 bagweed seeds. All 6 popped and all 6 turned out to be females. I sent 5 to a buddy to finish and I kept 1. I moved mine from a couple of weeks 12/12 back to 18/6. I was gonna use her as a mother. I decided a week later to put her back in flower an finish her out. After 7 weeks in 12/12 ,I noticed a lot of her hairs turning brown. I decided to pull a lower bud to inspect. To my suprise...Seeds !
    Well long story short,I finished her a 10 weeks flower, the Buds were huge but found seeds in a good portion of the harves. It was very good smoke though.
    That was a few months back.
    Well,about 5 weeks ago i dropped 8 of those seeds. All 8 popped. Today i started looking closer for pre flowers. Last grow they showed in about week 6.
    To my suprise 7 out of 8 are showing female preflowers.
    This is crazy.
    How can this happen with bagweed once,than again with the hermie mom seeds.
    Were the first bagweed seeds from a plant grown from feminized seeds ?.Did my hermie plant produce feminized seeds? This pic is from week 5 in veg.
    Looks female to me.
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  2. pretty sure a female that hermies and pollinates herself will produce fem seeds. after it is done over and over the strain will become more stable and less prone to hermies. those seeds may be quick to pop put balls if stressed. so be careful and keep a watch out for nanners.
  3. Best I can remember I also believe this to be true.
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  4. Im gonna keep a close eye. I never saw a nanner or any hints I had hermie growth with the mom. I suspect some lowers hermed and opened up . I had a circulation fan blowing under the canopy which may have helped the pollen get to a large portion of her. Don't want that to happen again.
    Im getting ready to tranfer them from 3 into 5 gal in a few days. I popped 8 counting on 4 females to flower out in my 3x3. Now I likely have 8. Way Too many for my tent. I may have to find 4 of them a new home.
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  5. Nice

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  6. I have tried a few bagseed over the years....always female. I never buy regular seeds from the banks either, always fem.

    So I have not seen a true male in at least 15 yrs.

    I actually have a Zombie Virus and Black Sugar cross (both already feminized) bagseed I am thinking about trying soon . I was going to call it "Death by Sugar" then as I was just about to close my eyes that night and go to sleep:

    I opened my eyes...."Diabetes!"

    Then I imagined an undead Wilford Brimley as the logo for the strain lol. I smoke way too much.....
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  7. Never seen one in real life.....LOL....WOW that sounds..........sheltered
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  8. I have easily a few hundred of these seeds. Lol
    The smoke is really good. Mom was grown under a blurple led. These are under my new HLG 260 v2 R Spec.
    Hope to fatten them up this time.
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